Vektrex Electronic Systems, Inc.

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Vektrex designs, develops, manufactures and markets advanced precision current source instruments and systems for specialized needs of LED manufacturers and the SSL marketplace. Our products include current sources, thermal control chambers, light measurement systems, LM-80 systems, LM-85 systems, software and accessories. Our high performance precision current sources are used in reliability test systems, production test environments, product development and research/characterization applications.

• High Voltage Current Source
The first high voltage current source developed specifically for LED reliability testing, offering the highest power density in the marketplace with up to 8kW of power in one module.
• Efficient Current Source with Multiple Channels
The first current source integrating high voltage to increase capacity, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.
• SpikeSafeTM
Patented SpikeSafeTM preserves LEDs and improves reliability statistics by rapidly shutting down power when a test anomaly is detected.
• IESNA LM-80 Integrated Test Solution

A world-class, fully integrated, high-capacity solution enabling companies to meet the stringent requirements for IESNA LM-80 testing of all types of devices; LED, module, COB, array, UV, VIS, and VI.
As a leading supplier of products for reliability and LM-80 testing applications, Vektrex actively participates in and supports US and world LED test standardization activities with the goal of improving the accuracy of test and measurement. Vektrex chairs the LM-80 committee and participates in shaping LED lifetime measurement standards. This work allows Vektrex to anticipate reliability and LM-80 testing requirements and develop innovative products that meet evolving testing requirements.

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