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Wirepas is focused only on industrial-grade, large IoT applications, not on small-scale consumer and home applications. This is where Wirepas Mesh can make a unique impact, and this is also where the majority of the connected devices are going to be.

Over the last decade, connectivity in the paradigm of machine-to-machine communication has mostly been concerned with connecting a few high value devices or data gathering points to a centralized monitor and control room. With the advent of the IoT era, 'things' no longer just send and pull information from the data center, but are also beginning to talk to each other. The number of connectivity links is growing exponentially, as new applications continue emerging and more industry verticals begin to transform their business with the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result, massive IoT is a new focal point for IoT connectivity technologies.” (Source: Northstream White Paper: Massive IoT: different technologies for different needs)

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