Corial 210IL, the only 200 mm etch system with the capability to support ICP, RIE, ALE and DRIE technologies in the SAME reactor

Corial 210IL is an ICP-RIE etcher designed for R&D and low volume production, which can process a wide range of materials including silicon, oxides, nitrides, polymers, metals, III-V & II-VI compound semiconductors, and hard materials. This etcher is based on CORIAL’s latest generation of inductively coupled plasma reactor. The system features high density plasma, helical antenna, 2 MHz ICP RF generator and quartz liner, enabling high etch rates and excellent uniformities. Featuring a vacuum load lock, the Corial 210IL ensures stable process conditions and short pumping cycles, and offers the capability to run fluorinated and chlorinated chemistries in the same process recipe.
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