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3030 EzyLEDs are connected in parallel, and directly driven by a conventional 12V /24V DC source.

For this series of low-to-medium powered LEDs, the IC is built into the LED chip design which dramatically reduces the additional circuitry and eliminates the need for the on-the board IC and other passive components. Without the need for extra resistors, bridge rectifiers and current regulative diode, inventory management is dramatically reduced making this an ideal solution due to its simplicity and ease of use.

The EzyLED 3030 devices operate over a wide voltage range while the luminous intensity remains constant for 10.4V < Vin < 24V, and maintains approximately 50% of its nominal value when input voltage drops. These devices can actively modulate the power usage by decreasing the input current to avoid overheating. The input current, light output, and color temperature can stay consistent despite the exterior voltage changes or fluctuations.

Features and Benefits:

Patented LED chip design with built-in IC.
Uses conventional 12V /24V DC voltage sources.
EzyLEDs connected in parallel
Luminance and Correlated color temperature (CCT) remains
Built-in rectification for non-polar applications.
Active thermal management
Wide Voltage input range for easy adoption.
12 V AC/DC: 10.5 – 24V
24 V AC/DC: 22.5 – 36V

Automotive: side marks, rear lamps, interior lighting
Indoor: Linear Lamps, down light, spot light, advertising
Outdoor: Architectural and General lighting
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