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American Bright’s paper-like display technology provides high visibility and contrast displayed images in wide angle with low power consumption.

Reflective display – No backlight is used
Great for outdoor usage – more ambient light the brighter the display looks.
Comfortable to read – Do not have eye fatigues as with LCDs
Much Longer battery life
Integrated Solution
The AB-P00105 Coordinator is the communication center in the store that transmits price information to the labels. Up to 3,000 labels can be managed per coordinator and the well-organizing network allows label management easily handling. Every Coordinator includes the transceiver, the communications hardware, and the back-end software that communicates with your existing retail systems. The high transmission rate of the 2.4GHz wireless technology and intelligent task scheduling enables fast and secure updates to price-tags of all sizes.

Coordinator Technical Specifications

Model AB-P00105
Case Color White
Status LED 5 LEDs, Power, Zigbee-ACT, LAN-Link/ACT, Reset
Ethernet 1 port, 10/100 Mbps
Antenna 1 antenna 2.4G Single band
Wireless Interface Zigbee (2.4GHz)
Power Supply 5v DC/1A external power supply
Dimension (WxHxD mm) 147.8 x 74 x 22.5
Operating Temperature 0~40 deg C
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