Dual-channel adjustable current-regulated white LED drivers

Date Announced: 20 Oct 2004

Arques Technology has introduced new members to its expanding family of innovative white LED drivers; the AQ9132B, AQ9133B, and AQ9142B.

Converting power from a single-cell Li-Ion battery, these two-channel, dual-gain (1X - 1.5X) charge pump current regulators are ideal for white LED backlighting for small LCD displays or photo flash applications.

The drivers are arranged in two channels as 3+2 (AQ9132) 3+3 (AQ9133) or 4+2 (AQ9142). They drive parallel white LEDs, with up to 120 mA (total) of programmable output current. Each driver's current is matched to within 2% for uniform LED intensity and color.

The drivers operate over the Li-Ion input voltage range of 2.7V to 6.0V, with undervoltage lockout. They feature a fixed 650 kHz frequency. In full shutdown mode, they draw only 10 uA.

They feature an efficient, inductor-less, 1.5X charge-pump circuit that uses only a few ceramic capacitors, allowing a compact, low profile design. Each channel has independent enables, plus a system enable.

They offer independent LED current programming for each channel via the ISET1 and ISET2 pins. The LED brightness in each channel can be independently adjusted by applying a PWM signal to the channel.

They offer unique performance advantages over previously available devices, allowing the highest level of efficiency. Proprietary design architecture (patent pending) automatically selects the most efficient charge-pump ratio to maintain high efficiency over a broad input voltage range. Internal over-temperature and over-current management provides short circuit protection.

They are packaged in a small MLP-16, with optional Green (halogen-free, Pb-free) packaging.

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