Cobright's 6KVA 35W LED lamp used for lighting rural Guatemala roadway

In the middle of 2013, we sent some samples of our newest high-power LED bulb to a big customer in Guatemala. It is 35W, achieved by using a Bridgelux chip. Each LED reaches 135 lumen.

Later our customer threw out some technical concerns: the bulb will be used as an outdoor LED street light, and the power supply should be at least 6KVA surge protection (or 10KVA). Also the lamp efficiency should be about 100 lumen/watt.

Because this is for one of their big projects for replacement of traditional mercury lamps in a rural area, the quantity is very big, more than 10,000 pcs. After several weeks of our engineers' improvements, we developed a suitable power supply with 6KVA surge protection and suitable size to be housed inside our bulb. The most important point is that it is waterproof; the other design concern was that we must make our LED bulb waterproofto be suitable for use outdoors (but originally it was used indoors). Finally our engineers found a solution to solve the waterproofing problem.

So before Chinese Lunar New Year, we delivered 4304 pcs (1X40HQ container) to the customer, and at the beginning of 2014 we shipped out another 1x40ft container (3780 pcs).

Now the customer has responded that they installed all the goods of the first container. See photos.


Serena Xie - Cobright Marketing Director
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