EIC LED offers LED street lights with Heat Engine technology using phase-change liquid cooling

How can you imagine we can build our HEAT ENGINE LED street light to dissipate heat like human body does? Veins in housing, phase change liquid flowing in veins to bring heat to whole housing. No company offers this thermal management but EIC LED.

EIC has more than 5 years of experience in COB LED-based street lighting and is the leading supplier of HEAT ENGINE LED street lights. Dolphin LED street lights fulfill conventional standards as well as high requirements of the ENEC Mark and ETL certificates. While other LED lighting manufacturers still have no ENEC Certificate for their street lighting in China, EIC demonstrates its pioneering approach and innovative capability once again along with its innovative HEAT ENGINE phase change cooling technology.

EIC's high power LED street light is a new solution for traditional street illumination. With direct connection to 85~265VAC AC power, the LED street light embodies state-of-the-art high power LED technology as a green “environmental friendly” product.

- Unique HEAT ENGINE technology, liquid phase change
- Citizen COB LED chips
- Higher fixture efficacy, 100-120 LPW
- ETL and ENEC approval
- High transmission glass lens with rectangular beam
- Durability, IP67 driver, IP66 full sealed housing
- Aero superior aluminum alloy body, super conductive nano powder coating
- 60%-75% energy savings, short ROI period
- Up to 50,000 hrs lifetime, low maintenance
- RoHS compliant, environmentally friendly, no mercury or lead, 100% recyclable
- Available from 3000, 4000 and 5000K

For road and area lighting: e.g. roads, streets, highways, industrial parks, packing lots, path, driveways and other outdoor area lighting.

More information from www.eicsun.com and contact Roger via email: sa02@eicsun.com.


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