Greenled Industry Power LED lighting reduces energy consumption by over 81% at Biesse manufacturing plant

Project location: Biesse Group SpA , Pesaro, Italy – manufacturing plant

Client: world leader in the production of machines and integrated system for processing wood, glass and stone

The Challenge
The Biesse Group, as part of its sustainability and efficiency program, has upgraded the lighting system of the Pesaro plant through a power LED lighting solution. Before the upgrade were installed linear fluorescent lamps 2x215W in indoor area and 11 street lamps 250W in outdoor. With 1894 hours of operation per year and a total power installed of 496 kW, the energy consumption of the industrial plant was 939.200 kWh per year.

The Solution
The lighting design provided for the installation of 691 Greenled Industry high efficiency fixtures 127W and 136W in indoor area. In outdoor the company replaced 11 lamps 250W with 68W Greenled Industry street lighting fixtures. The total power installed is now 90 kW and the total consumption is estimated at 170.600 kWh per year. The company reduced energy consumption up to 81%, also improving total operating costs and environmental impact.

Installation snapshot:
- Number of Fixtures 702
- Replaced 2x215W and 250W
- Mounting Height 9.5 m
- Luminous Flux 13998 lm (136W); 13,370 lm (127W)
- Luminaire Efficacy 103 lm/W; 108 lm/W
- Saving in energy consumption 768,600 kWh annually (up to 81%)
- Payback time 3 years
- Warranty 5 years
- Maintenance free
- L70 rated for more than 150.000 hours @ room temperature 65°C
- CO2 reduction 553,392 kg
- No UV or IR
- Mercury free

The Result
Greenled Industry lighting solution has increased illuminance level and energy performance of the plant. Visual comfort is improved, the light is uniform and the visibility is increased in accordance with the luminance requirements and in compliance with the different visual tasks. The solution has delivered a quality of lighting that helps workers to focus better, increasing productivity and improving safety.


Corrado Giancaspro - Greenled Industry
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