SEPCO's SolarDDL Dusk-To-Dawn LED outdoor light generates and stores its own power

New Product Introduction: SEPCO™ SolarDDL Dusk-to-Dawn LED — Solar-powered pole- or wall-mounted LED outdoor light. Units provide crisp white, ultra long-lasting light precisely where needed, at motorist and pedestrian levels.

SEPCO™ SolarDDL Dusk-to-Dawn LED outdoor light is solar powered at all times, with a minimum of five night’s reserve. 100% off grid, automatically self-storing, self-recharging.

Product Design: SEPCO™ Solar Electric Power Company In-House product development and engineering team in partnership with Hubbell Lighting.

Manufacturer: SEPCO™, founded 1994. A U.S. family-owned entrepreneurial manufacturer of solar lighting luminaires exclusively, and solar-power systems for off grid outdoor lighting.

Product Applications: SEPCO™ SolarDDL units are versatile, dusk-to-dawn LED luminaires that provide general purpose, security, and landscape lighting in area’s typically cost-prohibitive for electrical power feeds. SEPCO™ SolarDDL LED outdoor light delivers optical performance that matches commercial grid lighting — in a stand-alone solar system.

SEPCO™ SolarDDL LED solar-power assemblies are integral to light and pole designs, sized to customer requirements, location and site conditions.

Product Description: SEPCO™ SolarDDL LED has a low-scale architecturally rounded lighthead that distributes direct-downward, high color-rendition white light ideal for general area, security; pedestrian walkway, roadway and landscape lighting applications.

Compact solar-panel assemblies for SolarDDL LED are designed and programed by SEPCO™ in-house solar-lighting engineers to automatically recharge their concealed storage-battery assemblies.

Construction and Finishes: SEPCO™ SolarDDL LED housings and doors are precision-tooled, rugged die-cast aluminum. Textured gray polyester powder-coat finishes are standard throughout.

Nine high-power LEDs produce 28 watts, delivering 3388 lumens with the typical symmetrical lens; 3246 lumens with an asymmetrical lens, with 5000K CCT, and a CRI of 67.

SEPCO™ SolarDDL LED units can be mounted anywhere on the pole or wall below the solar panel; or can be mounted separately on another pole or wall. Each model and wattage saves 100% of grid-based electrical energy; lowers maintenance costs; lasts decades; makes grid brownouts or failures distant memories.

SEPCO™ SolarDDL LED light-pole options are available in accordance with power-assembly size, wind-load requirements, above- or in-ground bases. Pole choices include: aluminum, composite fiberglass or galvanized steel.

Individual LED dimming drivers are sealed to IP66 or IP67 standards. All units are made in the USA at SEPCO’s own modern plant.
Contact Information: Literature, specifications and pricing for SEPCO™ SolarDDL LED outdoor area, roadway, walkway, bus shelter and other lighting can be obtained from SEPCO™, Solar Electric Power Company, 1521 SE Palm Court, Stuart, Florida 34994.


+1-800-974-9918 or +1-772-220-6615
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