BJB develops Linear Flat System as plug-and-play linear LED lighting solution

Arnsberg: Linear Flat System and power tracks - an elegant, ultra-slim combination for linear LED lighting. This version of the ground-breaking LED system from the BJB///OEM-Line presented at Light+Building 2016 opens up further areas of application, as do the versions with function-specific light distribution.

Application-oriented focus
The Linear Flat System has proved its worth very successfully. The combination with standard three-phase power tracks presented by BJB at Light+Building 2016 in Frankfurt is a logical and stylish further development. Only 45 mm high, the ground-breaking linear LED lighting system from the BJB///OEM-Line almost seems like a design element – and one with excellent lighting characteristics. The pre-requisites for the flat design are the miniaturised control gear with an overall height of only 11 mm, which is integrated in the track, and a Linear Flat System lampholder, which is designed to fit the power track adapter. The direct method of installation, with no additional luminaire housing, also gives the system a slender appearance. This innovative solution displays its style and lighting potential to particular advantage in any shop, office or hospital. The combination of power track and Linear Flat System scores highly in industrial buildings due to its flexibility and the fact that it is extremely good value for money.

This sophisticated version is not only a perfect addition to the BJB///OEM-Line portfolio but, like the second generation of the Linear Flat System, also opens up further areas of application. Now there are optical elements available with function-specific light distribution. These, combined with good colour rendering of CRI > 80, provide the ideal pre-requisites for application-specific solutions. The Linear Flat System is suitable for general lighting applications as well as for accent lighting, wallwashing or shelf lighting. It also performs all lighting tasks, for example in offices, hospitals, industrial facilities or shops and supermarkets, with flying colours.

Flexibility and sustainability
The second generation of the Linear Flat System, with its extremely compact design, clean lines and excellent lighting parameters, has a module efficiency increased by 10% to up to 142 lm/W.

Consisting of an LED light source, lampholder and lamp support, the Linear Flat System has an almost classical design. Flexibility and sustainability are incorporated. With the BJB philosophy of “late-stage finishing”, luminaire series can be produced in the same way as before and the “lamp” integrated later. The suitable LED light source in terms of luminous flux and colour temperature, with an overall height of only 13 mm, is only fitted to customer-specific requirements once the order has been placed. The user always receives a luminaire with the latest lighting parameters – a very sensible approach in the fast-moving world of LED technology.

This also brings added value, e.g. if there is a change in the use of rooms or premises, the LED light source can be replaced by a new, brighter generation or one with a different colour temperature. Tool-free installation ensures convenient handling of the Linear Flat System.

Fully encapsulated, the 565 mm, 1,166 mm and 1,466 mm-long Linear Flat System offers not only excellent thermal management, but also a wide range of applications. The LED light source is only 37 mm wide, has colour temperatures of 3,000 K and 4,000 K, and achieves a luminous flux of between 1,160 lm and 5,000 lm.

As a logical further development, the Linear Flat System is predestined for use in application-specific, intelligent solutions with a uniform, coherent design. Sustainability and flexibility – added value for luminaire manufacturers and users – are characteristic features of the ground-breaking Linear Flat System from the BJB///OEM-Line.


Thomas Frerich, Head of Marketing Communication - BJB GmbH & Co. KG
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