Lumia uses edge-lit light guides in Galway LED panel lights

Galway Panels are thin, optically clear, acrylic sheets embedded with LED diodes along the edge. To make the light bright and achieve a uniform distribution, a very effective method is to create the light guide plate (LGP) with particulates in the acrylic itself. This is used in our Galway Panels and gives the best solution on the market due to its ability to enhance the light distribution and maximize the lumen output levels.

We power our panels with the best drivers on the market to stabilize and optimize them, and we support the choice of components with our standard 5 years warranty.

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Advantages of Galway Panels
* Energy efficient - Using LED’s as the light source allows Galway Panels to be extremely energy-efficient.
* Long lifespan - They feature a long lifespan and durability compared to CFL’s and incandescent light bulbs.
* 4-side light output - The best components being used on the market and the 4-side light output on panels with more than 60 cm width, is another advantage that few others can make.
* Stable/non flickering/great performance - All of the previous features are powered by the best option available for the driver, giving a stable and non-flickering panel, that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well.
* High transmittance of the light - Our diffuser is constructed from a PMMA base and allows for more than 93% transmittance of the light. The advantages are not only limited to the transmittance but also the surface of the panels is glare free and presents a product that also looks good even when not lit.
* Stiffness/flexibility - The frame is cast from four pieces of aluminium making it strong, light and very durable. The stiffness of it allows it to be installed in any given environment and the flexibility with different options of stand-alone panels and embedded solutions support this.
* Low freight costs - Due to the low weight of the panel it is suitable for transportation and will have a lower freight cost than comparable products .
* No light leaks - With proper manufacturing we avoid any leaks of light through our frame and take a pride in delivering the highest quality panels on the market.
* Trusted brands for power supply - We always use well known and established brands of power supply, which are flicker free due to its built-in active PFC function.
* 5 year warranty - The long lifetime makes it able to come with our standard 5 years warranty.
* Suitable for different situations - The optional IP rating and functionality with dimming, DALI interface, etc., makes it highly flexible to support any given requirements in any given situation.

As a continuation of the main advantages listed previously, let’s focus on some of them.
Energy efficiency
Compared to CFL and incandescent lighting, Galway Panels are superior in terms of energy efficiency. The amount of watts used per unit of light generated (lumens) is more than half as much for LED’s compared to CFL’s and a tenth compared to incandescent bulbs. In more simple terms, Galway Panels cost less than half as much to operate as other forms of lighting while still achieving the same level of light output.

Lifespan and durability
The type of acrylic used in Galway Panels is extremely durable. The acrylic is shatter proof and resistant to most chemicals. Also, despite heat, cold, sunlight and humidity, the acrylic will maintain its original appearance and colour. Even with its strength and durability, diffusers typically weigh half as much as glass. Galway Panels’ lifespan is another major benefit over traditional lighting. LED’s on average last 50,000 hours or 17 years if powered for 8 hours a day. Compared to CFL’s and incandescent lighting, LED’s will last more than 5 times longer. Galway Panels are typically installed in applications where maintenance and replacement is difficult so a long lifespan is extremely important. Due to the construction of the Galway Panels there is a minimal or no-maintenance cost during its lifespan. Furthermore, given that we use the best components in the market, the lifespan is not limited by a potential deficiency on those other components and makes it a perfect solution for any situation. We can also provide IP rated panels with up to IP 54 and emergency light solutions with our panels if needed.

The many different sizes of panels
Panels as thin as 11mm are available and with its low weight it can easily be shipped and installed in all environments. Being able to choose the size of the Galway Panels makes it a perfect application for architectural lighting, floors, walls, etc. Some spaces offer little room for a light source and most often are not easy to reach after installation. To illuminate such installations, LED light panels are usually the only option.

Flexibility in usages
Its appearance and uniqueness also makes it very suitable for everything from offices to factory floors. Its uniform light makes it attractive for your office environment and easily replaces your embedded T5 tube fixtures today. You will experience that the high light distribution will enhance the environment in the office and its non-flicker light source will not affect the office workers’ energy level, which some scientific sources say has a strong effect on effectiveness throughout the day. Flickering from different light sources might not be visible, but is in fact still absorbed by the eye and will exhaust the mind after a long day of work. We checked the effect by using a smartphones’ camera and holding it against the light source to discover if it flickers.


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