Melux Control Gears delivers omnidirectional LED bulbs compliant with European environmental certifications

Melux Control Gears introduces new LED bulbs from its Melcon line.

We use superior technology to enable proper thermal management of the LED chips, lowering the chips' temperature in order to achieve longevity of the LED bulbs (lifetime >40,000 hours). Thermal conductive plastic with an aluminum heatsink insert and high efficiency design inside our LED bulbs, researched and developed by our company, now fully meets the demand for LED lighting thermal management, complies with European environmental certification standards, and produces a highly flame-retardant and explosion-proof effect. It improves the performance of the entire lamp.

We use this high thermal conductivity design inside the lamp body to enable transmission from the three-dimensional light-emitting core shell without any light loss from the chip, and achieve a uniform output. The Melcon LED bulbs can provide spherical light like traditional incandescent light bulbs' omnidirectional light at 160°, and adds at least 30% to the bulb lifetime compared to traditional LED bulbs.

We use constant current IC technology; the driver inside the bulb is highly efficient and has PF >0.9, ATHD <10%, and the bulb complies with EFT-Surge 2.5Kv all angles; it also complies with dips and interrupts tests.

Its unique design keeps TJ (junction temperature) under 65 degrees Celsius which will enhance the LED chip life; lumen depreciation will be less than 3%/year.

Specifications :
Power: 7W/9W
Beam angle: 160 degrees
CRI: Greater than 80
Lumen efficiency: 100 lm/W
Lifetime: >40,000 hours
PF: >0.9
ATHD: <10%
Operating voltage range: 100-277VAC 50/60Hz
CCT: 3000K/6000K
Lamp base: B22/E27


Melux Control Gears Private Ltd.
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