NIMBRA – Red Dot Award: Design Concept by Eduard Zhegalin (MDM-LIGHT Professional lighting, Russia)

We have won prestigious Red Dot Award 2015 in the Design Concept category. There is awarded concept of luminaire NIMBRA which have been designed by Eduard Zhegalin from MDM-LIGHT.

Red Dot Design Award exists since 1955. More than 16 000 companies, design offices and individual designers from 70 countries participate in it every year. In 2005, as part of Red Dot, was established Red Dot Award: Design Concept – the competition of innovative design concepts. In the 2000-s the winners of this award were such famous companies, as Saab Automobile AB, General Motors Europe Design, Philips Design, Bosch and others.

Until recently, our team was only following the success of developers and designers from all around the world. So we decided to take part in the famous competition and at the first attempt we won an honorary award!

Initially, the idea of the luminaire-"tree" was developed within the design concept of a shopping mall. Its important aesthetic elements would be the "crown" and "branches". As the basis was taken the serial luminaire NIMB by MDM-LIGHT. It was nominated for the prestigious German Design Award, and won the competition "The Russian lighting design - 2014" (nomination "The design of the light unit"), also in the competition "Light architecture - 2015" (nomination "The premiere on the Russian market"). Resulting was an art object, which is designed to bring natural motifs in interior space and can decorate not only a shopping gallery, but also, for example, some parks or public gardens.

We thank the Organizing Committee and the International Jury of Red Dot Award for the recognition of our work. And now we continue to work on creating new and interesting lighting solutions. Follow our news!

Author of the concept NIMBRA is a chief designer of the company MDM-LIGHT (Russian Federation, Moscow) Edward Zhegalin. Information about this luminaire can be explored on the website of Red Dot Design Award:


Gleb Kornev
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