Sinpco releases LED high bay available in multiple-wattage and beam-angle designs

SINPCO releases new versions of its LED high bay with top quality and good prices.

Heat pipe-riveting and massive fin cooling technology - patented HDT technology and creative compressed fin technology produce a great heat dissipation effect.

Innovative modular design - air convection design, improvement of air duct, also improves heat dissipation.

Optional beam angle reflector: 60°, 90°, 110° to meet various needs for light distribution.

Build-in LED driver design achieves good performance at small size, which makes the whole LED high bay look more harmonious and attractive.

The whole lamp ins produced using anodic oxidation treatment, so it is suitable for places with highly strict requirements for heavy industry.

The LED high bay offers professional design, nice appearance, and easy installation.

1. Power: 60W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W
2. Driver brand: Mean Well UL driver
3. LED brand: Bridgelux 3535
4. Beam angle: 60°/90°/110°
5. Power factor: >0.9
6. Lifespan: >50,000 hr

The LED high bay lights are widely used in factory, warehouse, logistics center, exhibition hall, stadium, gymnasium, highway toll station, gas station, and supermarket lighting applications.

SINPCO specializes in LED floodlights, high bays, panel lights, corn lights, T8/T5 tubes & 2G11 tubes, PAR lamps, downlights, bulbs, candle lamps, etc. Contact us for details and prices.


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