Malaysian company launches Luxeon-based SSL LED lighting

Date Announced: 18 May 2007

Powermicro Technology Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company, has launched several SSL's recently. These are Luxeon based lightings, and include

(a) Wall washer 300mm(27W), 600mm(54W), 1000mm(90W).

(b) MR 16 3W - indoor/outdoor use and water resistant range.

(c) High flux LED strips for signages, decoratives.

(d) Customised SSL Modules for specific requirement.

(e) Solar Compound Area SSL.

Services :

The company provides technical support services including lighting concept simulation to lighting specifiers, consultants, interior designers, building owners.

Sales Director : Daryl Seow Tel : 603-78453105/3106 Fax : 603-56373755


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