Mitsubishi Electric unveils 140-inch indoor LED display

Date Announced: 04 Oct 2007

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today a new 140-inch full-color LED display for indoor-use, called Resolia. Despite its large screen size of 1.8 meters high and 3.1 meters wide, the new display is only 150 millimeters in depth, which makes it easy to install while saving on installation space.

The outside dimensions of the Resolia display are 1.87 m high x 3.55 m wide. The pixel pitch is 4 mm, and pixels comprise 3-in-1 LEDs (red, green and blue chips in the same package). The resolution is 44 8 x 768 pixels and the brightness is 1500 cd/m2. Orders are being taken from November 1, 2007

Display screens for indoor use are increasingly common in places such as shopping malls, airports and showrooms. To accommodate a variety of installation venues and applications, there is an increasing demand for display screens that are thinner and easier to install in confined spaces like showcases.

With a flat and integrated structure that makes it easy to install and saves installation space, the Resolia can be installed in venues whose space-restrictions had formerly made installation impossible, as well as in buildings that have various limitations.

Due to improved layout of internal components and an improved cooling system, the depth of the Resolia display has been reduced to 150 millimeters, which is half the size of our previous LED display for indoor use. Although maintenance of previous models was handled from behind the screen, this new product features front-access, which reduces maintenance space behind the display and therefore requires less installation space.

Due to its thinner size, the new screen doesn't stand out even when installed against walls. The display can also be installed in limited spaces such as narrow showcases, which could not accommodate previous models.

Previous large screen LED displays were assembled with multiple 100 mm-square modules, which required a lot of time at installation sites for positioning adjustments of each module. With a 1.8-meter high and 3.1-meter wide integrated structure, required adjustment of the Resolia has been greatly simplified.

Connecting displays with processors only requires signal cables and power cables, which also reduces installation and adjustment time to as little as half compared to previous models.

In cases where the screen is too large to be carried in, such as narrow entrances, we will accept orders to divide into two parts (left and right). Optional brackets for hanging on walls or bases for mounting enable displays to be used in various environments.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Product Inquiries Takayuki Matsunaga, +81-95-881-1136


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