Neo-Neon unveils LED “Silhouettes” desk lamp series

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LED “Silhouettes” Desk Lamp Series
With WLED (White LED) and
LSLC™ Linear Stabilized Lumens Control
LCCT™ Linear Correlated Color Temperature
CCT Range 1,800 to 10,000K

Revolutionary, fluid in design, elegant, and timeless are terms and phrases that begin to describe the new LED “Silhouettes” Desk Lamp Series. Neo-Neon’s team of overseas designers has embodied the latest technologies listed above into a wide series of desk lamps. The professional design of the Silhouettes Series incorporates fine materials --- brushed virgin aluminum, advanced manufacturing processes --- precision machines fittings, and practical features --- adjustable lamp necks, arms, and head units as well as a balanced weighted base.

Salubrious illuminative environment has long been one of the paramount concerns. Yet the focal point of ideal lighting environment used to dwell on visual aspect such as luminance. Now many researchers in the field of photology, psychology, and physiology have come to realized that there are other important human factors related to light. For example: central nervous activity which is associated to concentration and alertness, autonomic nervous activity which pertains to heart rate and blood pressure, circadian rhythm which closely related with sleep and metabolism, and so on. The researchers also found that the quality of light, for example, color temperature and the color of light, are equally as important as its intensity in the effect that light has on those human factors.

Consequently, lighting designs for human has turned out to be a bit more complicated. Neo-Neon LED Silhouettes Desk Series have been designed after taking account of all these physiological effects and integrating ergonomic fixture designs and the latest advanced LED technologies such as LSLC™ and LCCT™.

Neo-Neon has developed a patented technology to marry cool white LEDs (WLED) with amber LEDs and a control system that enables smooth linear transitions of color temperature from 1,800K to 10,000K. This function of the LED “Silhouettes” Desk Lamp Series is controllable via an external knob (Human Interface), which allows to adjust the CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) to their personal liking or “comfort level”.

Additionally the level of luminance “brightness” can be modulated by a separate adjustable external knob to set their personal brightness comfort level. This system, unique to Neo-Neon, is a significant advancement in application of LED technologies for residential or workplace illumination.

With LED “Silhouettes” Desk Lamp, you can affect your physiology and psychology by adjusting the correlated color temperature of it. Whenever you need to perk up to complete your work, wind down from a long and hectic day at the office, or set the mood for your guests, the new LED “Silhouettes” Desk Lamp Series are your ideal choice.

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