EVERLIGHT introduces spectacular small and high efficient SMT high power-LED

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EVERLIGHT, major Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturer of various kinds of LEDs, has released its new EHP-C04 series.
EVERLIGHT is well known as one of the leading LED suppliers of different LED packages like ChipLEDs, TopLEDs and High-Power LEDs.

This very sophisticated LED package has a typical efficiency of 37lm/W at extremely small dimension of 2.04x1.64mm.

The Substrate is based on thermally conductive ceramics and the encapsulated resin material is silicon resin with phosphor.

Measurement indicates that EVERLIGHT’s EHP-C04 LED is equal to existing and comparable products accept that it is more efficient due to the higher luminous flux over current range.

The package is able to operate from a wide drive current range, either 0-1000mA pulsed or constant current with a max of 350mA.

Another big advantage of this LED package is certainly the ability of reflow soldering.

Some more key features are:
Small package size with only 2.04x1.64mm
Optical efficiency 37lm/W
Typical luminous flux approx. 45lm@500mA
Soldering method: SMT reflow
Thermal resistance 32K/W
Colour temperature 5650K to 10000K
ESD protection (due to Zener-Diode)

In addition of this product EVERLIGHT is offering a various range of High Power LEDs in white, single colour or full colour (RGB). For further information please check EVERLIGHT’s homepage www.everlight.com or contact our sales office.

EVERLIGHT Electronics Europe Mr. Stefan Lutz stefan.lutz@everlight-eu.de Phone: +49 721 8244745 Everlight International Corp. (US) Mr. Ewing Liu eliu@everlightinternational.com Phone: +1 972-490-4008


Web Site:http://www.everlight.com

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