ATG Electronics® launches Smart™ XPower LED Wall Washer

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What can make your building or event different? Smart™ XPower LED Wall Washer from ATG Electronics® will provide you the right solution.

The ATG Electronics Smart™ XPower LED Wall Washer comes with two control methods: self-control and DMX control. Under self-control, the Smart™ wall washer will work under the pre-programmed lighting effect; While under DMX control, it will be compatible with any DMX512 console to meet lighting designers’ specific lighting-effect requirements.

Features and benefits:
-High Brightness
The Smart™ XPower LED Wall Washer consists of ultra bright LEDs(1 W) in high intensity and can emit higher brightness at lower cost.

-Brilliant Color Effect
Each red, green and glue has a 256 color depth and can provide a total amount of 16,777,216 different colors, which will be able to meet lighting designer’s specific lighting-effect requirements.

-Easy Installation
The Smart™ XPower LED Wall Washer can be easily installed with the assistance of mounting gears and rotating. RGB color change version can be controlled by our DMX console to get fancy performance.

-Extended Life
With little heat, proper driving characteristics and high quality LEDs, the Smart™ XPower LED Wall Washer have a life time of more than 50,000 hours.

-Humidity/Moisture Resistant
Moisture resistant, for indoor or outdoor applications, IP65 Degree.

About ATG Electronics Inc
ATG Electronics, Inc., established in 1999, has been dedicated to design, produce, distribute and license lighting emitting diode (LED) controllable digital decoration and illumination lighting systems.

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