Avago Technologies announces high-brightness 3 W power LED emitter for use in solid-state lighting applications

Date Announced: 01 Mar 2007

Efficient and Robust Low-Profile Surface-Mount LED Package Provide Ultra-low Thermal Resistance, Superior Moisture Sensitivity and Easy Installation

Avago Technologies today announced a low-profile 3-Watt high power white surface mount (SMT) light emitting diode emitter for use in a wide range of solid-state lighting applications. Avago’s new ASMT-MW20 Power LED emitter is capable of being driven at high currents to deliver up to 160 lumens (lm) of illumination to provide an energy efficient and robust high output light source for designers of portable, architectural, decorative and backlighting applications. Avago is a leading supplier of innovative semiconductor solutions for advanced communications, industrial and commercial applications.

Typical applications for the ASMT-MW20 include torch lights and miner headlights, billboard and sign backlighting, accent lighting, architectural facade lighting, street lights, reading and track lights, and lighting for machine vision equipment. This new SMT LED emitter from Avago can be driven to a high current of 700 mA to deliver up to 160 lm of light output, which is 40 percent brighter than competing LED emitters to offer the industry’s best lumens per watt efficiency. Moreover, the high drive current capabilities and high-brightness provided by the ASMT-MW20 Power LED emitter makes it an ideal solution for solid-state lighting applications that require a high output light source where space is limited.

“LEDs are increasingly being used for a wide variety of solid-state lighting applications due to the high-brightness, long-life, energy efficiency and space savings they provide designers,” said Ng Kee Yean, business development manager for solid-state lighting, Avago Technologies. “As a result, more lighting manufacturers need robust LED packages that are reliable and capable of emitting high light output to provide the level of brightness they require for their applications. Avago’s new 3-Watt Power LED meets these needs because it provides lighting designers with superior moisture sensitivity, an ultra low thermal resistance and slim package profile that make it an industry-leading product in terms of brightness, and reliability when compared to other competing products currently available.”

In addition to the combination of high brightness, long life and compact size, Avago’s ASMT-MW20 Power LEDs provide two significant advantages in the production environment: They can be easily soldered using conventional surface mount techniques to minimize production costs, and the package is qualified to a Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) moisture sensitive level (MSL) rating of 2a. For manufacturers, this rating means that these LEDs can be kept in the open air (30 degrees C, 60 percent relative humidity) for up to four weeks after being removed from its sealed package without the need to remove absorbed moisture.

With an exposed pad design at the back of the package, Avago’s ASMT-MW20 Power LEDs incorporates InGaN technology to offer low thermal resistance which allows it to efficiently transfer heat from the package to the motherboard thereby maintaining long term device reliability. This LED emitter features a low-profile design, which is extremely suitable in places where height is a constraint. Moreover, it is compatible with standard available surface mount technology (SMT) reflow soldering processes. With a robust MSL 2a moisture sensitivity rating, customers will have great flexibility during assembly of their products.

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