Topanga Technologies granted industry-changing patents on Advanced Plasma Lighting

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Design Patents Extend Functionality and Energy Efficiency of Topanga’s Proprietary Solid-State-Driven Lamps and Resonators

Los Angeles, Calif. –– The United States Patent Office (USPTO) has issued to Topanga Technologies three new patents complimenting a previous patent for the design of the company’s Advanced Plasma Lighting technology. The four patents together represent a significant improvement in both functionality and energy efficiency on existing plasma lighting designs, further establishing Topanga’s unique position as a leading innovator in the solid-state lighting industry.

United States Design patent numbers 612,526 and 612,527 issued on March 23, 2010, and US Design patent number 612,093 issued on March 16, 2010 represent designs that augment Topanga’s utility patent number 7,291,985 issued on November 6, 2007, which covers the company’s electrode-free plasma lamp and external bulb configuration.

In Topanga’s unique patent the bulb is external to the resonator, providing distinct advantages over currently available plasma lamps by extending the range of commercial fixture applications, allowing a higher lumen output and with greater efficacy (lumens per watt) with superior color quality. Topanga’s patent results in a substantially energy efficient light source with a prolonged lifetime.

The claims of this set of Topanga patents cover an electrode-free plasma lamp and external resonator technology that excites the plasma by radio frequency energy, configured with a base, as well as cobra head and streetlamp post designs for multiple fixture applications.

“We are very pleased with these patents,” said Topanga co-founder and plasma lamp inventor Frederick Matt Espiau. “Since the external resonator and plasma lamp were created to produce an extremely efficient light source, the approval of these new design patents solidifies our position as a leader in the production of electrode-free plasma lamps, and prepares us for exciting applications into immediately deployable fixtures.”

About Topanga Technologies
For industrial and commercial lighting, Topanga Technologies is the leading innovator of solid-state drivers and electrode-free plasma lamps, providing energy efficient, economical and reliable lighting solutions that surpass both traditional and new technology platforms. Founded in 2005, Topanga Technologies has headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

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