Passion LED Lighting's soft/flexible LED curtain screen

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24355 0 thumb Date Announced: 26 Jul 2010

Quickly delpoy video super large spaces with Flex LED Curtain Screen, a flexible LED video screen with stable display performance. Flex LED Curtain Screen can bend, wrap, drape, and fold to conform to even the most unusual designs; Yet it is equally fuctional and stunning when quickly rolled out flat to creat a video screen.

Flex LED Curtain Screen can be configured as large screen or unique shapes and sizes. The ultra-thin structure gives curtain-like flexiblility without the pixels alignment problems of cloth-based curtain products.Durable and lightweight, Flex LED Curtain creen quickly roll up for shipping and unroll for rapid development. Multiple rigging options adapt Flex LED Scurtain Screen for performance or temporary installation.



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