Kingsun launches the promotion Plan A of interior LED lighting series

Dec. 6, 2010
Date Announced: 06 Dec 2010 Recently, Kingsun takes the lead in the industry to implement “cost and performance effective product” PLAN A on its LED indoor lighting series, which the discounts for partial products is over 30%, a 5W light bulb with 400LM output can lower to USD 8. Series of those high performance and price efficient LED lighting products promoted in the plan are including indoor LED light bulb, MR16, PAR lights, LED tube, LED down light and so on, which are been widely used in hotels, supermarket, offices, shops, subway, hospitals, applications. What would be the effect of Kingsun's Plan A to the LED industry? PLAN A will roll out with a series of high performance and cost efficient LED indoor lighting products, thus more and more common consumers would feel the LED lighting products inexpensie and affordable, which directly stimulate the purchasing desire, greatly imporve the “quantity” in the market, then accelerately promote the LED lighting products to get into the civil use field completely , consequently achieve positive cycle of technical innovation, and expedite the better development of up and down stream.What specific strategies does Kingsun have to promote Plan A all around? Through innovation of technology and business model, integration of the upstream and downstream, KINGSUN build up the world's largest scale purchasing and logistics system; And with large scale production capabilities to minimize the cost as low as possible, KINGSUN can put the highest performance/price efficient products of the industry to the market. Meanwhile, throught the profit-concessional marketing strategy, fully benefit to those numerous agencies who have consolidated cooperation with KINGSUN, and provide perfect and most personalized service as well, Kingsun can ensure the maximium benefit to each coperation partners. Currently, there are more than 30 stores dealer have signed the preliminary letter of intent , join to KINGSUN’S national market network system on the indoor illumination.Comparing with many peer enterprises, with what specific advantages will Kingsun implement Plan A? Abundent experience on photoelectric, various patents, and the professional team make Kignsun be recoganized as asia’s largest semiconductior lighting R&D and production base; Additionally, more than 100 million households have taken the happy experience of Kingsun’s products; Series of Kingsun’s lighting products have been approved by CB, CE international organization,and have won the permissions to access more than 50 countries’ market,Kingsun has confidence to invest more in LED indoor illumination, and to enrich its product line.

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