Hamsar high-beam LED projector headlight is mate for low-beam unit

Sept. 14, 2010
Date Announced: 14 Sep 2010 BURLINGTON, ON – Hamsar has released a high-beam companion to its acclaimed 71076 low-beam LED headlight, part of the Hamsar LED projector headlight product line.The new 71078 light, providing high-beam operation in the 165 mm/6.5 inch size category, delivers all the benefits of its low-beam companion, including brighter, whiter light than halogen units and exceptionally low power consumption. In addition, with a projected service life of 20,000+ hours, the 71078 can be expected to last more than ten times longer than a similar halogen light.“The 71078 employs similar design, construction and performance features to the 71076 low-beam model,” said Hamsar president Fred Kelly, “which underwent rigorous testing in a real-world situation.” A pair of 71075 low-beam projector units were installed on a municipal bus in mid-January, travelling more than 23,000 kilometres/14,000+ miles to date through rough winter weather into one of the hottest summers on record without a problem. “We’re confident the new 71078 will match this performance as a high-beam unit.”Rick Baltzer, Maintenance Project Coordinator of Burlington (Ontario) Transit, confirmed Kelly’s assessment of the 71075 test. “Based on seasonal conditions we would normally replace the forward lights on these buses from as few as every two weeks to every couple of months,” Baltzer noted. “Having a lamp last a minimum of six months in operation without a problem represents a major breakthrough. What’s more, we found no stone chip marks or scratches on the units, and no moisture or condensation. The lights delivered a sharp beam pattern as promised, and we’re looking forward to installing them on other buses.” Baltzer added that he saw no reason why the new 71078 high-beam unit shouldn’t perform equally as well.Hamsar expects a good deal of interest in the new high-beam LED from commercial vehicle operators including municipal and long-distance bus companies, heavy-duty truck fleet operators, and agricultural manufacturers. The primary benefit for fleet operators will be the extended service life, requiring a low inventory of replacement units, and the low current draw, which helps reduce fuel consumption.“Like our other LED models, this will be a welcomed retrofit unit,” Kelly commented. “We’ve engineered all the models in this series for easy installation, including the combination high and low-beam 71077 lamp, a drop-in replacement for 178 mm/7 inch halogen systems.”Hamsar is a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative lighting and electronic products for a range of vehicles and industrial applications. Designed to deliver ISO quality and standards, they are the supplier of choice for special OEM and automotive aftermarket uses as well as a host of industrial applications.Comprehensive product information can be found at www.hamsar.com.For more information:Sales & Distribution Enquiries: Media Enquiries:Laura Smith, National Account Manager Jaclyn Jones, Account Manager,Hamsar, Lighting & Electronic Products Marketing & [email protected] [email protected]

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