Cosun 50W/70W LED floodlight to replace 150W -250W HID lamps

Date Announced: 29 Jan 2010

ACE-501 / ACE-701 were made by 10Wx5 /10Wx7 LED. The fixture size is small but it is with powerful performance.

To replace 150W-250W HID or 500W halogen lamps
Energy savings - 3-10 times. Connect directly to 110V or 220V
Suitable for lighting billboards, signage, general lighting of residential. It could match with sensor for sercurity market.

Cosun is not only a LED manufacture but aslo a desgining house.
1.Packaged LED (Multi-chip single packaged LED)
2.Heat sink solution
3.Developing led fixtures

We OEM ODM for customers. Designing and developing led fixtures by different sources.

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