Macroblock intelligent 16-bit PWM-embedded LED driver for video walls

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Enhancing the image signal processing of the LED video display, Macroblock has introduced the first intelligent 16-bit PWM-embedded LED drivers, MBI5030, for LED video wall applications.

To improve refresh rate and overcome the flickers, the MBI5030 takes advantage of the leading edge S-PWMTM technology (Scrambled-PWM) to effectively increase the refresh rate and provide 16-bit color depths for better image process and color enrichment of the video display panels.

The MBI5030 is a 16-channel PWM-embedded constant current sink LED driver. Featured with smart S-PWM™ technology, the MBI5030 enhances Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) by scrambling the image into several sub-images with the same color quality. The enhancement equivalently increases the visual refresh rate that can be reached over 1920 Hz with only 2 MHz gray scale clock when original frame rate is 30 Hz, for example.

All output channels support 16-bit gray scale control (65,536 color depths) that allows MBI5030 to carry large image information to enrich the color resolution. Therefore, the MBI5030 brings the advantages of wider signal dynamic range, such as gamma correction and dot-by-dot correction, improving the video fidelity. In addition, MBI5030 can automatically synchronize the coming image data with output data; this allows display modules to operate with a free running PWM clock. Furthermore, for the LED aging maintenance of display, the built-in 8-bit programmable current gain can also dynamically adjust up or down to 128 gain steps to match better LED white balance.

In addition to the MBI5030, Macroblock provides a more cost-effective MBI5031 driver specifically designed for general purpose LED display applications. With S-PWM™ technology also, the MBI5031 features 12-bit gray scale control, which supports 4,096 color depths for each pixel and simplifies the LED system controller in design and cost.

The intelligent MBI5030/MBI5031 brings a major breakthrough in LED video wall applications with excellent display quality and perfect system reliability. LED video walls embedded with MBI5030/MBI5031 also bring a promising future in the competitive video display industry.

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