Renaissance unveils evo solid-state product line

Date Announced: 09 May 2006


New Family of Products Overcomes Limitations of Current LED Fixtures to Provide Designers and Architects New Freedom and Consistency with Solid State Lighting

Herndon, VA – May 2, 2006 – Lighting designers and architects now have a new way to work with solid state lighting with the introduction of the ED Series, the world’s first solid state downlight and the first entry in the new evo™ family of products from Renaissance Lighting.

Unlike other LED fixtures offered today, Renaissance Lighting’s evo line addresses key fundamental challenges to working with LEDs, including degradation in the quality of light over time, visible LEDs within a fixture and the delivery of a full spectrum of light, including white light.

Lighting designers and architects have traditionally been drawn to LED lighting because it offers truer, more vibrant colors, more flexibility and longer life than traditional lighting products.

However, designers and professionals have faced two key challenges when working with previous generations of LED products:

1) Today’s traditional LED fixtures deliver a pixilated look from multiple LED light sources.

2) Once the LEDs are energized they begin to degrade in color temperature and light output at different rates and over time the light output and color from different fixtures will vary from one to the other.

Designed to ensure long life and quality output, Renaissance Lighting’s evo product line overcomes these challenges by offering lighting fixtures with reliable integrity and a new standard in solid state lighting with its patented IntelliBlend™ technology.

IntelliBlend avoids the pixilation common in current LED lighting fixtures by mixing and blending multiple LED light sources in an integrating chamber that produces a single light source where additional optical elements can be added to create a variety of light distributions for different applications.

IntelliBlend also offers a dynamic monitoring system that continuously calculates the lumen output and color temperature of the light. If any LED fades, begins to lose light output or experiences color-shifting, “sleeper” LED cells are activated in some LED arrays to automatically adjust the light, thereby maintaining the architect’s and lighting designer’s original lighting concept. The IntelliBlend system is protected by the company’s 18 patents with five currently pending.

Industry’s First LED Downlight with Look and Feel of a Traditional Downlight
The first product in the evo line is the ED Series, a recessed downlight that produces more than 600 lumen output of white or colored light. The color temperature of the white light can be changed from 2800 degrees K to 5600 degrees K.

Installed like a traditional downlight, the ED Series retains the look of a conventional fixture. The ED Series is available in a wide or medium distribution and can be used as a color-changer for wall grazing, wall washing or to illuminate objects to bring their color to life.

The color of a group of downlights can be controlled through direct wiring with RL’s wallbox controller or with control units from other leading manufacturers. DMX™, wireless Bluetooth™ and Zigbee™ options are also available.

The ED Series is competitively priced with other architectural LED fixtures and is available through Renaissance Lighting’s select lighting representatives.

“Renaissance Lighting combines extensive technical expertise in LED research with in-depth lighting industry experience and knowledge and delivers the first solid state lighting system that addresses all of the needs of lighting designers and architects,” said Jack Rains, CEO and founder.

“We developed the evo line to provide blended RGB light from high quality LED fixtures that are easy and practical for designers to work with and install. As the performance and cost-effectiveness of LEDs continues to improve, solid-state lighting will increasingly displace traditional lighting technology in broader applications beyond the high-performance lighting markets.”

In addition to the ED Series, Renaissance Lighting plans to roll out several other products in the evo line, including: exterior linear luminaires, interior linear luminaires, architectural flood lights, recessed wall washers, track lighting, inground uplights and bollards.

LEDs, which offer significant advantages over incandescent lighting, are the future of the $15 billion global general lighting market. By 2010, LEDs are expected to comprise more than $4 billion of that market.

Renaissance Lighting will be exhibiting at Lightfair 2006, May 28-June 1, in Las Vegas. The revolutionary capabilities of the evo product line will be demonstrated at booth #2012.

About Renaissance Lighting
Renaissance Lighting was formed in 2001 as a joint venture of SAIC and Crowley Technologies. Renaissance Lighting’s technology is protected by 18 patents that have been issued and other patents that are pending. Renaissance Lighting’s light fixtures are specified by architects, engineers, lighting designers and lighting consultants for commercial, retail, entertainment and upscale residential applications including offices, airports, malls, stores, hospitals, libraries, schools and universities, restaurants, theme parks, parking and roadway areas, plazas and atriums.

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