OptiLED partners with EECOL Electric in Canada

April 18, 2006
Date Announced: 18 Apr 2006 OptiLED Broadens Distribution Through Partnership with EECOL Electric of Canada; Four OptiLED LED Lights Soon Available In Distribution Outlets Throughout Western Canada OptiLED, global manufacturer of innovative light emitting diode (LED) lighting systems, today announced a partnership with EECOL Electric, a member of the Independent Electrical Distributors Limited Partnership of Canada, further expanding OptiLED's global reach into western Canada. This distribution deal will allow OptiLED to increase its global customer base, which has been spreading steadily throughout North and South America. Through the partnership with EECOL, four OptiLED LED lighting products - Designer, Designer Dimmable, Commercial and Festival - will be sold in lighting distribution centers throughout western Canada, including British Columbia, Calgary, Edmonton and other regions. "OptiLED's unique, state-of-the-art approach of using LEDs as a point source lighting system is a strong point of differentiation that EECOL Electric is pleased to be aligned with," said David Weicker, general manager of EECOL Electric's lighting division. "Also, this partnership allows us to provide a range of very flexible OptiLED lighting options to our customers." OptiLED stands apart from other LED lamp makers with its integrated high-precision optical technology that enhances the performance of its LED products. By combining optical technology and advanced LEDs, OptiLED is able to create products that are more efficient, durable, flexible and longer-lasting than most other lamp products. "OptiLED's partnership with EECOL Electric is an example of the growing demand for lighting solutions that are a more economical, flexible and versatile option," said OptiLED Vice President Bruce Pelton. "Lighting professionals across western Canada will now have more opportunity to realize these benefits in their lighting choices." OptiLED's Commercial lamp models offer a unique LED spotlighting experience. The lamps are equipped with a standard 4 degree spherical diffuser that allows a high intensity spot from substantial distances. In addition, the company offers eight other distribution patterns including a very narrow 2-Degree pattern, steadily wider 10,16,25,50 and 80 degree spherical distributions, a 10X60 degree oval and a 2X70 degree lens that produces a crisp line. This is not possible with conventional flood lamps. These models work from any primary voltage source in the world. They come in various size bases and are as simple to replace as a common light bulb. Designer lamp models perform the same function as the Commercial models but are a retrofit for a standard Halogen MR16 lighting fixture. These lamps are ideal for applications that require intense colors and very low heat generation. Designer lamps can operate from any voltage supply from 6V to 24V AC or DC. This allows them to be installed in virtually any current Halogen MR16 socket. For new installations, ten or more Designer lamps can be powered from one standard halogen supply. The Designer comes in nine different beam distribution options. The Designer Dimmable model is a true MR16 form-factor that operates normally at 12-18V AC or DC and then can smoothly dim down to a candle glow. The Designer Dimmable also comes in 9 different beam distribution options. Festival lamp models are designed for installations where decorative lighting by conventional means is problematic. These lights are long lasting and can replace 60-Watt painted bulbs with better effect. They provide better contrast and do not bleed light. The lamp's optic is designed to glow during the day by utilizing the UV light content of sunlight, allowing the bulb's color to shine through bright daylight. In addition, Festival lamps feature built in universal line voltage and basing options for use anywhere in the world. About OptiLEDOptiLED is a leading global manufacturer of advanced light emitting diode (LED) solid-state lighting solutions. OptiLED's cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED fixtures combine high-precision optical technology from Light Prescription Innovators' with high brightness LEDs, efficient power supplies and unique RGB color-changing capabilities. Ideal for designers, architects, and specifiers, OptiLED's technically advanced LED products are designed to suit a variety of applications and environments around the world. For more information, please contact the global corporate headquarters in Irvine, California at (866) 678-4533 or visit www.optiled.biz. About EECOL ElectricEECOL Electric supplies a wide range of electrical material supply products to industry, contractor and institutional clients and customers worldwide from Canadian and South American operation centers and through business associates around the world. The company operates with ISO 9001 Management Systems in Canada and Chile. EECOL Electric is a member of the Independent Electrical Distributors Limited Partnership, the largest Canadian National Procurement and Marketing Association of Independent Electrical Distributors. Further information about the company is located at www.eecol.com.

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