LedEngin family includes ultra-small 10W and 15W emitters

Date Announced: 11 Jul 2006

LedEngin, Inc. Announces Breakthrough in Solid-State Lighting and Three Product Families of Ultra-Small, Ultra-Bright, Ultra-Cool LED Emitters

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 10, 2006--LedEngin, Inc., a leading supplier of ultra-high-brightness LED components and light source modules, today introduced three new LED emitter families, including the world's first ultra-small 10W and 15W LED emitters.

LedEngin launched a total of twenty-four new products, including a family of 1W, 3W, and 5W emitters in red, green, blue, and white colors, which have been released to production and are available for immediate customer order. Also, 10W and 15W LEDs are being sampled to customers in various colors. Full production release for both 10W and 15W families is scheduled for August 2006.

"Our team is excited to reach the end of our stealth mode efforts and the launch of three product lines today," commented Harry Davoody, Chief Executive Officer of LedEngin, Inc. "Our company's vision is to enable solid-state lighting everywhere in the world to conserve natural resources."

In explaining the company's business approach, Davoody added: "Our team has created a strong customer-centric business culture. We work hand-in-hand with product development teams at our customers to help them create competitive advantage in their end markets."

"Syscan is focused on developing LCD backlighting and RPTV platforms for TV OEMs," commented Hank Lee, VP Operations of Syscan, a LedEngin customer. "Our novel image processing architecture combined with LedEngin's state-of-the-art light source modules enable Syscan to deliver thinner and brighter system solutions to TV OEM customers."

LedEngin's emitters are lead-free, RoHS compliant, surface mount, and reflow solderable. All emitters have passed industry standard reliability tests and were fabricated with the company's patent-pending technologies. LedEngin's unique core competence involves thermal management, stress management, optical design, materials compatibility, and automated LED manufacturing process. As a result, LedEngin's emitters are ultra-small, ultra-bright, ultra-cool, and are especially suited for applications requiring maximum light output in limited system space.

Summary of Released Products
LE-005 family provides 1W to 5W single-chip emitters in ultra-small 4.4 mm X 4.4 mm footprint.
LedEngin is announcing the following fourteen products in LE-005 family: Four 1W products (LE-005001R1G Red, LE-005001G1G Green, LE-005001B1G Blue, LE-005001W1G White); Four 3W products (LE-005003R1G Red, LE-005003G1G Green, LE-005003B1G Blue, LE-005003W1G White); Six 5W products (LE-005005R1G Red, LE-005005G1G Green, LE-005005B1G Blue, LE-005005W1G White, LE-005005D1G Dental, LE-005005U1G Ultra Violet).

10W multi-chip emitters
LE-010 family is the first in the industry to provide 10W multi-chip emitters in ultra-small 7.0 mm X 7.0 mm footprint.
LedEngin is announcing six 10W products in LE-010 family: LE-010010R4G (10W Red), LE-010010G4G (10W Green), LE-010010B4G (10W Blue), LE-010010W4G (10W White), LE-010010D4G (10W Dental), LE-010010U4G (10W Ultra Violet).

15W multi-chip emitters
LE-015 is the industry's first product family to offer 15W multi-chip emitters in ultra-small 7.0 mm x 7.0 mm footprint. LE-015 family is specifically designed for extra high-power applications such as light source modules for large screen projection TV, spot lighting, architectural lighting, etc. LE-015 emitters are capable of delivering 7X improvement in Lumen/Area to enable thinner and lighter LED-based light source for TVs, projectors, etc.

LedEngin is announcing four 15W products in LE-015 family: LE-015015R4G (15W Red), LE-015015G4G (15W Green), LE-015015B4G (15 W Blue), LE-015015W4G (15W White).

All emitters can be customized and provided with a variety of lens configurations, without lens, and with or without metal core PCB.

LedEngin also supplies advanced light source modules. The modules are integrated with optical lens or light pipe designs and include special heat sink designs optimized for specific applications. For example, an LED module is currently at the customer sampling stage, which can produce more than 3000 lumens in only 21mm X 21mm area for display applications.

Pricing and Availability
For pricing, sample requests, and to place orders, please contact sales@ledengin.com. Datasheets of LedEngin products can be downloaded by visiting www.ledengin.com.

About LedEngin, Inc.
LedEngin, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells ultra-small, ultra-bright, ultra-cool LED components and light source modules for general lighting, display, automotive, and medical/dental applications. LedEngin deploys extensive light source design capabilities and works closely with customers to develop customer-specific solid-state lighting solutions.

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