Luminit White™ Holographic White Diffuser now available from BFi OPTiLAS Ltd.

Date Announced: 19 Sep 2006

Luminit, a spin-off from the Light Shaping Displays Division of Physical Optics Corporation (POC), have released their innovative White™ Holographic White Diffuser.

The White™ Holographic White Diffuser belongs to a new family of hybrid diffusers combining strengths of the industry-proved holographic diffuser and bulk diffusing technologies.

A wide range of micro-surface topographies and an unlimited tenability of opacity come together in this new Luminit White™ product to give unprecedented levels of diffusion at short working distances.

Key applications include diffusing situations where the working distance between the source and the observer is extremely limited.

This nanotechnology-based application allows large custom angle diffusing with reduced working distance.

Luminit White™ features:

• Infinite tenability of opacity – from completely clear to completely opaque white
• Distance limited diffusion capability
• Large angle capability for wide viewing areas
• 50% split screen capability – half transmission and half reflection
• Low speckle
• LCD backlight homogenisation
• Split screen capability – excellent for 3D visualisation applications
• Double side monolithic diffuser capability

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