Phlatlight evaluation kits now available from Luminus Devices

Date Announced: 30 Nov 2006

-- Kits Allow Optical Designers to Accelerate Development of Projection Applications

Woburn, Massachusetts -- Luminus Devices, Inc. today
announced the availability of PhlatLight" chipset evaluation kits for use in projection applications. The kits provide a simple plug-and-play solution for light engine designers interested in developing products with PhlatLight

PhlatLight evaluation kits enable designers that are developing projection applications to use PhlatLight devices without requiring special thermal or electrical equipment.

Each easy-to-use kit comes with two PhlatLight chipsets consisting of a red, green and blue LED, three air-cooled heat sinks, three electrical drivers for continuous or pulsed operation, cables and an instruction manual. The kits are customized for each PhlatLight chipset, including the PT85, the PT120, and the PT180, covering microdisplays from
0.6 to 0.95 inches.

"Luminus continues to set the standard in design, fabrication, packaging and thermal management of high-power, solid-state light sources," said Christian Hoepfner, vice president of products at Luminus Devices, Inc.

"The availability of these evaluation kits demonstrates our commitment to providing first-class solutions and technical support to help our customers develop and commercialize new projection applications for the consumer electronics
industry. The kits show how simple it is to use PhlatLight devices and can serve as a starting point for a custom light engine product design."

The PhlatLight product family includes PT85, PT120 and PT180 chipsets, which are optimized for microdisplay-based rear projection light engines and televisions. PhlatLight devices can be used with Digital Micromirror Device (DMD), high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS), or Liquid Crystal on Silicon
(LCoS) microdisplays in single, dual or three panel configurations.

All PhlatLight chipsets are optimized to the size and shape of the microdisplay and screen for maximum efficiency. PhlatLight chipsets are currently being
designed into rear projection televisions with screen sizes as large as 62 inches by a number of manufacturers.

Evaluation kits are available to qualified customers through Luminus Devices. For more information, call 781-932-7831 or email

About Luminus Devices
Luminus Devices, Inc., headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, develops and manufactures high performance solid state light emitting devices and systems. Its PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) technology, developed by Luminus Devices based on research done at MIT, is the only solid state light source powerful enough to illuminate large screen projection televisions. With PhlatLight chipsets in commercial production, Luminus is leading the industry
in designing this new, powerful light source for a variety of applications, including microdisplay projection TVs and other advanced, high-definition displays. Several leading television and consumer electronics vendors are currently selling TVs with PhlatLight products.

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