Epitech orders three new LED wafer growth systems from Aixtron

Nov. 9, 2006
Date Announced: 09 Nov 2006 Aachen, Germany - AIXTRON AG is pleased to announce that three AIX 2600G3 epitaxial reactors have been ordered by Epitech Corporation of Tainan, Taiwan.These reactors will augment the company’s earlier AIXTRON MOCVD reactors for the mass production of AlGaInP LEDs at Epitech's state-of-the-art facilty in the Tainan Science-based Industrial Park in the south of Taiwan. The AIX 2600G3 systems are each to be supplied in 12x4-inch multiwafer configuration. Just a few months ago the company acquired a Thomas Swan CRIUS 30x2-inch wafer MOCVD reactor, which is to be used for mass-production GaN LED wafer output.Mr. Semi Wang, President of Epitech Technology Corporation, comments: "The AIX 2600G3 technology was chosen because of our long-standing experience and confidence with AIXTRON’s MOCVD equipment. We are well satisfied with the performance of our existing AIXTRON systems. "Adding to the existing tools, of which most are currently being upgraded to the latest configuration, we now transition to the latest generation of MOCVD processes for optoelectronics. Their capabilities are particularly advantageous with respect to material uniformity, thickness, doping, and composition. The Planetary Reactor provides several clear advantages over other MOCVD reactor types and will be the foundation for our planned strategic expansion of volume production to meet growing customer demand." Epitech Technology Corporation is a LED manufacturing venture established in Tainan in May 2000, with shareholders including silicon foundry UMC. For nearly five years its Epi Plants have undertaken foundry production of epiwafers and chips for AlGaInP red, orange and yellow-green as well as InGaN blue and green HB-LEDs. AIXTRON group equipment is playing a key role in building up additional capacity to further strengthen Epitech's position in the market as a high-end LED epiwafer supplier for the complete spectrum of ultra high brightness LEDs, from the deep red to the UV range, including power LEDs for white lighting applications.

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