LED PixelPars glitz the Scissor Sisters!

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Glam New York rockers the Scissor Sisters are currently on tour promoting their new album fabulously titled ‘Ta-dah’.

Flamboyant by name and by nature, this band doesn’t do low-key and within a minute of the glitzy five’s appearance, a full-scale pop party is in full swing!

Lighting designer Dave Ross first met the band over two years ago when they headlined their first ever show in the UK at The Scala London. Dave specified numerous PixelLines 1044s for the gig which started an 18 month stint of touring. The 1044s soon became a big feature of the show, especially in the US where 1044s where relatively new to the market.

For this tour Dave works alongside show and set designer Roy Bennett. An integral part of the design is a flat wall of 144 PixelPar 90s - 16 fixtures wide by 9 fixtures high upstage behind two Kabukis.

Dave explains: “The band has very set ideas concerning the use of lighting and video and they are always keen to build their show gradually. And although the PixelPars are only really used for the last two songs, it’s well worth the wait!”

The concept behind the wall of PixelPars is to produce a gigantic 70s light box. Programmed by Dan Hardiman using an M-Box extreme to play video across the matrix, it was not the intention to make the video obvious, the whole wall is intended to look like a lighting fixture, rather than a low definition screen.

Dave continues: “The songs where the PixelPars are introduced have very different inspirations and the wall is used to try and reflect those influences. Be it a giant underlit dancefloor for ‘Dancin’ or sleazy strip club signs for ‘Filthy Gorgeous’. The 70s look keeps the back white backdrop to diffuse the light and give a more colourful backdrop. For ‘Filthy’ we drop the Kabuki to give more beams and a heavier backlit look.”

The show is controlled by a Wholehog IPC and all lighting is supplied by PRG Europe.

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