Enfis launches LED neonatal photo-therapy light engines

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Enfis will formally launch two newly developed LED light engines to treat Neonatal jaundice during MEDICA in Dusseldorf this month (November 15-18).

Enfis INNOVATE NEO & UNO NEO LED light engines have been designed to treat Neonatal Jaundice (Hyperbilirubinaemia)


The INNOVATE NEO and UNO NEO light engines emit blue light at 465nm to treat neonatal Hyperbilirubinaemia.

The INNOVATE NEO emits 40-80µW/cm²/nm at working distances between 300mm to 460mm with spot sizes ranging from 500mm to 650mm with the boundary defined by 40% of the peak power.

The UNO NEO emits 35-50µW/cm²/nm at working distances between 300mm to 400mm with spot sizes ranging from 250-350mm with the boundary defined by 40% of the peak power.

Each INNOVATE NEO & UNO NEO light engine will be warranted by Enfis for 10,000hrs, far exceeding the lifetimes of current neonatal light sources, including existing LED light sources.

Enfis Neonatal light engines are intended to be integrated into final customer products.

"It is hoped the INNOVATE NEO and UNO NEO will be integral technologies for many companies seeking to take this much needed technology into new markets in the developing world as well as offering an advanced treatment technology replacement in the developed world," said Grant Barnett, Medical Sales Manager for Enfis.

"We have developed two great LED light engine products and we are excited about launching the products to thousands of people and many customers during MEDICA.

"The light engines have numerous benefits over existing neonatal phototherapy products, not least the warranted 10,000hrs lifetime Enfis offers for each light engine, the extended working distance away from the baby and probably most importantly the cost of the light engines, which we believe will be very well recieved by our customers."

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