EV Group develops first mask aligner with LED light source

Date Announced: 14 Aug 2006

EV Group (EVG), the leading supplier of wafer-bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, today announced the availability of the industry first LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source for mask aligner systems. This LED light source is now available for all EVG mask aligner systems and outperforms conventional UV light sources by offering reduced cost of ownership, reduced maintenance and superior exposure results.

Equipping mask aligners with a LED light source provides unique advantages in process safety and environmental issues. EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) risks involved with use of high pressure mercury arc lamps are eliminated with the new LED technology.
“Applying LED technology in our mask aligners, we can offer an advanced exposure source and support our high volume manufactures with low cost of ownership and reduced maintenance. The operation cost savings compared to conventional Hg lamp operated mask aligners are typically greater than 50% - both for HVM and R&D users.”, says Erich Thallner CEO and founder of EV Group.

Regular maintenance tasks such as replacement of UV lamps will be a thing of the past. Especially in high-volume production, every single cost factor is critical. Compared to UV light sources, the LED light source enables low power operation and therefore eliminates costs for Nitrogen cooling. The LED light source represents a breakthrough in lowest cost of ownership by offering a maintenance-free lifetime of more than 10 years under common-practice operation and production conditions. It proves again EVG’s position in being ahead of setting new industry standards for wafer processing.

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