Low-cost, PCB mountable fiber-coupled LED source from WT&T Inc

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11683 0 thumb Date Announced: 09 Mar 2006

Low cost, small footprint ( coaxial package) fiber coupled LED light source LE-3X designed for optical sensing and fiber-optic measurement/characterization. Device can be mounted directly on PCB. FC/PC connectorized (optional) multi-mode fiber pigtail is compatible with most test/measurement laboratory equipment.

- Output power: up to 1 mW
- direct modulation: up to 60 MHz
- different wavelengths: visible to NIR
- Small size, low cost
- Good stability and reliability
- different multi-mode fiber pigtails with/without FC/PC connectors are available

Please contact WT&T sales for further details.

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Web Site:http://www.wttechnology.com

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