Deco Lighting Expands Lighting Portfolio with Skyler, D464 Juggernaut, and Evian

COMMERCE, CA –Feb. 1, 2019 – DECO Lighting is excited to kick-start 2019 by releasing two new lighting fixture designs: The interior ambient LED luminaire, Evian, and a full cutoff LED wall mount lighting solution, D464 also known as the Juggernaut. Additionally, DECO is re-releasing a new and improved version of the Skyler Volumetric LED Flat Panel Luminaire.

DECO has revamped the groundbreaking Flat Optix™ technology included in the Skyler interior architectural luminaires and plans to embed this technology in all luminaires going forward. Designed specifically to refract light away from the 60 to 90-degree offending zone of a luminaire, Flat Optix™ micro-prismatic lens delivers a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 19, indicating that most occupants of a space will not be disturbed by uncomfortable lighting glare. Glare is a common problem in workplaces and inappropriate luminaires cause excessive brightness to be “bounced off” reflective surfaces, such as computer screens, whiteboards, desks etc. This causes disruption for the occupants, in terms of headaches and eye strain, which can then lead to reduced productivity and a decline in overall health. Flat Optix™ ability to drastically diffuse and redirect light is a key attribute that allows for softer, well-balanced illumination for office spaces, educational facilities, themed areas, and healthcare applications, contributing to the overall well-being of the occupants. This represents a shift in DECO’s overall strategy to provide cost-efficient and energy-saving lighting while creating lighting solutions that are progressive human-centric.

The all-new Evian Interior Ambient LED Luminaire and the Juggernaut Modern Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack are at the forefront of Deco’s vision to bring innovative lighting solutions that deliver energy-efficient and comfortable lighting experiences to interior and exterior spaces.

“Our goal is to lead the industry with innovative products that help solve meaningful challenges as far as workplace comfort and outdoor area lighting with integrated controls,” says DECO Lighting Co-Founder and President, Ben Pouladian. “This is just the beginning of a new era for DECO Lighting, with more forward-thinking products to come.”
SKYLER Volumetric Flat Panel Luminaire

The Skyler recessed volumetric flat panel luminaire is an innovative LED fixture designed with a modern aesthetic to complement today’s interior spaces. Featuring a low-profile form factor, the Skyler is ideal for buildings with low plenum space and is suitable for all standard 2×2 or 2×4 grid ceilings. Unlike other luminaires that are fluorescent housings retrofitted with LEDs, the Skyler has been designed from the ground up with edge-lit LED technology in mind and delivers perfectly uniform, diffused light with high efficacy.

Incorporating edge-lit LED technology and DECO’s Flat Optix™ micro-prismatic pyramidal structures in the lens the Skyler delivers a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 19. Glare is eliminated, providing 100 percent useful light to the occupants. The Skyler luminaire with Flat Optix™ allows for softer, well-balanced illumination for office spaces, educational facilities, and healthcare applications that contribute to the overall comfort and well-being of occupants.

When compared to existing flat panels, Skyler delivers incredible performance with an efficacy of 109 lumens per watt paired with a CRI of 95+ for accurate interior color rendering. The Skyler is available in color temperatures ranging from a warm 2700K to a neutral 4000K, aiming to easily match the desired ambiance of interior space. The features include:

• Die-cast aluminum frame powder coated white
• Light emitting surfaces are edge-lit acrylic for uniform illumination
• Micro-prismatic lens delivers a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 19
• Power Factor > 0.95, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <10%
• Dimensions (in): 23.75” (W) x 2.34” (H) x 23.75”/43.75” (L)
• Delivers up to 109 lm/W of high efficiency, low-glare performance
• Emergency Backup: Bodine BSL26C Type 1 - 3.0lbs

Evian Interior Ambient LED Luminaire
The redesigned Evian Tube is a sleek interior LED luminaire designed to complement the open, minimalist look of modern interior spaces. Featuring a sturdy, extruded aluminum housing, the Evian Tube is a specification-grade luminaire delivering quality illumination through its high-end diffuser lens. The Evian Tube is ideal for commercial, retail, and architectural spaces in both new construction and renovation applications.

“The intent was to create a clean looking luminaire that was easily scalable into continuous runs,” says Robert Lang, Principal Product Engineer at Deco Lighting. “We created a luminaire that could be mounted in a variety of ways and most importantly was simple to install and easy to service-- All while maintaining a clean and minimal aesthetic perfect for any modern interior space.”

Performance-wise, the Evian Tube delivers up to 1,200 lm/ft at 4000K with a 90+ CRI for accurate interior color rendering. The Evian Tube will showcase the all-new DECO Spectrum™ White system, an innovative, human-centric feature that utilizes advanced 5-channel color tuning technology. This feature is designed to be customizable to the desired application and complement the daily routine of occupants within an interior space.

The Evian Tube housing is 2.5" diameter extruded T5-6063 Aluminum with a clear anodized finish. The housing features an internal integrated screw port for mounting drivers, controllers (for color tuning), end caps, and continuous run joiner hardware. The lens is an extruded acrylic blend with 80% transmissivity, designed with a snap-fit into the housing. Evian Tube’s end caps feature a powder coated die-cast ADC aluminum; fastened to the housing with an internal galvanized steel pull bracket. The pendant-style mounting adds to the contemporary and modern aesthetic while illuminating areas where concentrated light is needed.

D464 Juggernaut
The D464-LED wall pack features a slim, yet striking aesthetic and is designed as the premier full cutoff wall-mount lighting solution. The D464 Juggernaut’s low-profile, sleek design provides a more modern aesthetic compared to traditional wall packs. This modern luminaire is ideal for a variety of outdoor applications, including educational facilities, office space exteriors, municipal buildings, and as security lighting.

The D464 has been constructed to provide maximum energy cost savings over traditional light fixtures in mind, with an optional integrated motion sensor delivering even deeper savings. The full cutoff light output reduces light pollution, delivering illumination only where it is needed most. Additionally, the D464 features three housing sizes providing flexibility depending on the desired aesthetic. Additional features include:
•4000K (neutral white) or 5000K (cool white) color temperatures
•Optional FSP-211 motion sensor integrates directly into fixture housing
•Performs at up to 120 lumens per watt
•Type II and Type III short IES distribution

Informational videos about the Skyler and Juggernaut on DECO Lighting’s YouTube channel are accessible here.

DECO Lighting will be fully unveiling and showcasing the Skyler, Evian, and Juggernaut luminaires at the upcoming 24th annual IES Los Angeles Product Fair, taking place February 21, 2019, in Santa Monica, California. Be sure to visit the DECO Lighting booth to learn more about this new and improved line of interior and exterior LED luminaires.

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