SpecGrade LED Achieves UL8800 Certification for Horticultural Lighting Equipment

COLUMBUS, OHIO: SpecGrade LED, a global leader in advanced industrial LED grow lighting technology, announces their achievement of the UL 8800 Certification for horticultural lighting equipment, as offered by the Underwriters Laboratory.

Underwriters Laboratory sets industrial performance and safety standards that have become a bedrock of trust and authority in multiple industries. They created the UL 8800 horticulture certification due to the uniquely harsh environment of a grow facility, where dust, dampness, and air debris combined with high temperatures and humidity combine to create a unique environment for lighting fixtures.

SpecGrade LED is proud to announce that both of our LED grow light series, the Verta-8 and Verta-4, have acquired the UL 8800 Certification.

In addition to certifying the safety requirements of horticulture lighting, the UL 8800 takes into account a variety of performance testing to acknowledge the unique requirements of plants to produce biochemical growth under artificial light. UL testing takes into account active PPF and PPFD, as well as appropriate spectral distribution for photosynthesis and efficient photon efficacy.

SpecGrade LED grow lights boast the following benefits, among others;

A proven, carefully-balanced Entire Life Cycle Spectrum for maximum PAR
Industry-leading PPFD and beam uniformity for greater harvest yields
Unmatched thermal management for lower operating temperatures and a longer lifespan of the fixture’s drivers and circuitry
Modular fixture design for easy maintenance and changing out custom circuit boards

Interested horticulture specifiers can learn more about SpecGrade LED’s UL8800-certified grow lights by visiting SpecGradeLED.com or contacting them at 888-410-5337.

About the Company: SpecGrade LED is a leading manufacturer of LED grow lighting fixtures for industrial and commercial horticulture applications. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, SpecGrade LED innovates sophisticated LED technology solutions that utilize cutting edge thermal management engineering, advanced optics, and proven photosynthetic color spectrums to achieve superior yields for a variety of horticulture clients worldwide. They have representatives all over the United States and around the world to help assist you in the specification process. Visit their website at www.SpecGradeLED.com for more information.


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