Five points we should consider when we design parking lot lighting

With the development of economy, cars have become a common means of transportation.The urban parking lot makes the cars in the city run smoothly. The parking lot is becoming an essential component of a city.Therefore, when we design the lighting of parking lot, we should pay enough attention to the illumination of parking lot.Not only do we need to ensure the use requirements, but also provide enough brightness to make the parking lot safer for people .

Lighting analysis and requirements for all parts of parking lot

(1) inlet and outlet

The entrance and exit of the parking lot need to check the papers, charge fees, identify the driver's face. To offer appropriate illumination for the communication between the staff and the driver.The Intercept bar, the entrance and exit as well as the ground shall be provided with corresponding lighting to ensure the safe driving of drivers.Therefore targeted for these behaviors .lighting should be properly enhanced here. According to relevant regulations, the illumination level at the entrance and fee charging point of the parking lot should not be lower than 50 lux.

(2)mark and mark line

In general, the mark used in parking lot can only give clear driving instructions after being irradiated.Therefore, when designing the lighting of parking lot, the lighting of mark should be taken into account.In addition, mark lines are also another important guide which we should make sure the mark lines of the ground can be shown clearly as well.

(3)truck space

As for the illumination requirements of the truck space, the mark line on the ground, the car-lock on the ground and the separation bar of the truck space should be clearly displayed to ensure that the driver will not hit the ground obstacles due to insufficient illumination when entering the truck space. After parking car well , the car body still needs to be lit through appropriate lighting to help the path identification of other drivers and the entrance of other cars .

(4) pedestrian route

In the parking lot, whether you go to pick up your car or leave after parking the car, there will be a distance to walk. The lighting of the road that needs to walk should also be considered in the lighting design.We want to provide proper ground lighting and vertical lighting. Of course ,there are a lot of parking lots where the pedestrian route is the same as the route for this case, we can refer to the standard of route for car.

(5) surrounding environment

When considering the lighting of the parking lot, we should not only give the parking lot proper and sufficient lighting, but also consider its impact on the surrounding environment.when laying out the led parking lot lights we want to conduct a reasonable planning which could as far as possible not lead to light pollution and uneven illumination that destroy the harmony of the overall environment.

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