ZEMAX Adds Colorimetry Capability To Optical System Design Software

July 31, 2009
Date Announced: 31 Jul 2009 ZEMAX Development Corporation (ZDC) has added colorimetry to ZEMAX, the leading optical system design software tool. Colorimetry is the study of color, which is the response of the human eye to light. It is important in many areas of lighting design, and especially in LED lighting where a relatively few, narrow wavelength bands must be made to appear white.In this example, two LEDs are traced, one in the blue and the other in the yellow part of the spectrum using their real spectral data (in real LED devices the two phosphors are in the same device, but we separate them here for clarity).The top pair of LEDs show the yellow and blue radiation produced by the individual phosphors. The bottom pair of LEDs are tilted such that their beams overlap, and they mix to produce a white color. Note that because the two beams do not overlap perfectly, you can see a blue tinge on one side of the white spot, and a yellow tinge on the other. ZEMAX's powerful optimizer allow each pixel's color to be analyzed and targeted, so that you can optimize for a desired color. Chromaticity can be computed in the CIE tristimulus XYZ, xy, and u'v' color spaces.

Company Profile ZDC is the manufacturer of the award-winning ZEMAX optical system design software; the most widely used commercial lens design code. ZEMAX is used for lens design, illumination system design, stray light analysis, LED optics and laser beam propagation. ZDC also provides training in computer-based optical design methods. ZEMAX Development Corporation is a privately held company based in Bellevue, WA, USA. For More Information Contact: Dr. Mark Nicholson, Vice President, Operations. [email protected]. Phone: (425) 822 1295

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