Two- to six-inch sapphire substrates for GaN growth

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Jiaozuo City Crystal Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd is the high-tech company, which is founded by crystal experts having studied abroad many years. We are producing and supplying high-quality 2 ~ 7 inch Sapphire Substrate wafer, LiTaO3 wafer and Lithium Niobate wafer.

We have imported and domestic special equipments including crystal growth, wafer processing, quality inspection, annealing, cleaning and so on, which can strictly control and scientifically whole inspect the wafer processing.

Our sapphire substrate can be used as the substrate for the growth of III-V compounds such as GAN for LED's.

As for detailed spec, please find follows,

Crystal materials: 99,996% of Al2O3, High Purity, Monocrystalline

Crystal quality: Block marks, twins, Color, micro-bubbles and dispersal centers are non-existent

Diameter: 2inch-7inch

Thickness: 250±15 µm, 330±15 µm, 430±15 µm, 500±15 µm, 550±15 µm, 600±15 µm

Orientation: C-plane(0001), M-plane, A-plane, R-plane

Primary flat length: 16.0±0.8 mm, 22.0±1.0mm, 32.5±1.5mm

TTV≤10 µm , ≤15µm, ≤20µm , ≤30µm

BOW≤10 µm , ≤15µm, ≤20µm , ≤30µm

Warp≤10 µm , ≤15µm, ≤20µm , ≤30µm

Front Surface: Epi-polished, Ra< 0.2nm (By AFM)

Back Surface: Fine ground (Ra=0.5 to 1.2 µm) or Epi-polished (Ra< 0.2 nm)

Cleaning/packaging: Class 100 clean room cleaning, vacuum packaging derived nitrogen; 25 pieces in one cassette or single packaging.

Doris Tel: 86-391-2555508 Ext.198 Fax: 86-391-3309166 E-mail:


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