Kingbright Dot-Matrix modules with square dots

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Kingbright are pleased to announce a further extension to their product range with the launch of 3 new Dot-Matrix modules with square dots.

These Dot-Matrix modules are available in the following versions:

• TA/TC12-41 series, a 5x7 Dot-Matrix with matrix height of 28,11mm and dimensions of 30,0mm height and 22,0mm width.

• TA/TC13-11 series, a 6x7 Dot-Matrix with matrix height of 30,50mm and dimensions of 34,0mm height and 23,8mm width.

• TA/TC16-31 series, a 5x7 Dot-Matrix with matrix height of 34,00mm and dimensions of 42,0mm height and 25,0mm width.

[TA stands for common anode and TC stands for common cathode.]

All Dot-Matrix modules have a black surface to achieve best contrast. The products are stackable horizontally and vertically and suitable for low-current operation.

All 3 Dot-Matrix modules are available in standard red (EWB), hyper-red (SRWB), green (GWB) and yellow (YWB), but also in super-bright versions made with InGaAlP chips; super-bright red (SURKWB), super-bright green (CGKWB) and super-bright yellow (SYKWB).

Head office in Germany: Kingbright Electronic Europe GmbH Lindenau 7 / Gewerbegebiet D-47661 Issum Tel. +49 (2835) 4446-0 Fax +49 (2835) 4446-29 Branch office in France : 26 avenue du Général de Gaulle F-92150 SURESNES Tel. +33 Fax +33


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