Custom Home & Commercial Electronics up-grades Fayetteville to Infinilux LB36 LED Lo Bay lighting

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Custom Home & Commercial Electronics chose Infinilux Lo Bay ‎luminaries for the LED lighting upgrade at the Fayetteville Town Center for ‎several reasons. For energy efficiency, the Town Center electrical distribution ‎system uses 277 Volts for lighting circuits & 480 Volts for mechanical circuits.

‎Infinilux LB36 Lo Bay stock operating AC Voltage 100 ~ 277 is perfect for our ‎application, no long wait while power supply and drivers are ordered & installed. ‎Long Life / Energy Efficient, Instant On,‎ ‎36 Individual Cree® XLamps™, Metal Core PCB / Al Housing and ease of ‎installation.

There is a major fault line which runs through Northern Arkansas, ‎so we used the earthquake restraining safety features built into the Infinilux ‎LB36 housing "just in case." All of these features and the ease of doing ‎business with Infinilux make choosing the Infinilux LB36 Lo Bay a "no brainier" ‎quotes James (Butch) Coger of Custom Home & Commercial Electronics.

Mr. ‎Coger redesigned the lighting system removing 144-175 (203 counting ballast) ‎watt metal halide energy hogs and replacing them with Infinilux LB 36 Lo Bay ‎luminaries. 56 Perimeter luminaries are fitted with photo cell controls which will ‎switch the luminaries off during the daytime when sufficient light level is ‎reached from sunlight thus saving additional energy. The areas in front of 3 ‎elevators' entrances are fitted with 360˚ ceiling mounted motion detectors which ‎turn the LB36 Lo Bay luminaries off with the absence of activity and of course ‎turns the luminary on when a person approaches or comes out of the elevators.‎

AEP/SWEPCO, the electrical provider for the Fayetteville Town Center, ‎has a Watts Saver program which, with this upgrade, will qualify the Town ‎Center for an $8,000.00+ cash rebate. Design by James (Butch) Coger, ‎installation by Custom Home & Commercial Electronics‎.

In September 1975, The Camera Shop Inc. was established on Block Street in ‎Fayetteville Arkansas. The business progressed from selling cameras to sales ‎& custom installation of Sony electronics, home automation, security & fire ‎systems, and automated gate systems, so the company began dba Custom ‎Home & Commercial Electronics. In 1999, the first "Green" energy efficient ‎custom home was completed, and in this same time period Custom Home & ‎Commercial Electronics moved into solar photovoltaics, wind turbine & solar ‎thermal water. In 2003, Coger Properties LLC & Coger Custom Construction ‎Company was borne and completed the first property development in the form ‎of a 48 lot subdivision. In 2005, the first very "Green" highly energy efficient ‎custom "Spec" house was finished. Custom Home & Commercial Electronics/ ‎Coger Custom Construction Company then moved into LED lighting services, ‎including design, engineering, sales, installation & service. Custom Home & ‎Commercial Electronics has & will continue to be the leader in new technology, ‎customer service & best value.‎

Custom Home & Commercial Electronics, PO Box 1383, ‎Fayetteville, Arkansas, 72702 phone 479-841-7116‎


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