DiCon Lighting unveils FL5100 fiber-optic LED illuminator with twinkle wheel

Nov. 18, 2009
Date Announced: 18 Nov 2009 Richmond, CA -— DiCon Lighting is excited to introduce the FL5100 FiberLamp, its latest high brightness RGB LED illuminator. Specifically designed for the entertainment and special effects industries, this 96W high-powered fiber optic illuminator comes with an integrated twinkle wheel and has complete DMX functionality.Using the latest high-density array from DiCon LED, the FL5100 is the brightest RGB LED fiber optic illuminator on the market. The proprietary LED source wastes less light by having higher coupling efficiency in comparison to halogen or metal halide bulbs. This makes the FL5100 a truly environmentally friendly product with lower overall power consumption as well as less heat generation and a smaller form factor. The multi-channel design guarantees good color mixing and offers several chip arrangements for specific color optimization. One arrangement includes the addition of amber chips to strengthen yellows and increase Color Rendering Index (CRI).While traditional metal halide sources can only rotate through a preset color wheel, the FL5100 as an LED source offers thousands of color combinations and sequences. The FL5100 also includes a multi-speed twinkle wheel that provides smooth spatial dimming and brightening of the light across the face of the fiber bundle, an ability previously not feasible with other LED sources. The FL5100 combines these two features to provide ultimate user flexibility in creating effects that have never been achieved by any other illuminator, metal halide or LED. The FL5100 carries the same control interfaces as other DiCon FiberLamp products. A vast range of effects can be programmed through DiCon’s proprietary Lightmix software or a DMX controller. Up to 30 units can be daisy chained under DMX control using 5-pin XLR in-and-out connectors. Built-in DMX master-satellite functionality allows one unit to control and synchronize the behavior of the other units. This RGB LED illuminator is an ideal solution for lighting up fiber optic chandeliers, star ceilings, and fiber optics curtains. DiCon Lighting will proudly showcase a fiber optic curtain illuminated by the FL5100 at LDI 2009, an annual trade show for the entertainment industry, in Orlando, FL (November 20-22, 2009). Visit DiCon during the LDI show at Booth 475. For more information, visit www.ldishow.com.About DiCon LightingUsing patented high-density LED arrays, DiCon Lighting designs and manufactures a variety of innovative LED luminaires for the architectural and entertainment lighting industries. Under parent company DiCon Fiberoptics, it has over 20 years of experience in fiber optic and photonic technologies. Combining thermal, optic, electrical, and mechanical expertise, DiCon Lighting delivers unique LED products to meet your needs. For more information about DiCon Lighting, visit www.diconlighting.com.

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