Lusio Solid-State Lighting announces new line of high-efficacy LED high-bay fixtures

Date Announced: 29 Feb 2012

Overland Park, Kansas –– Lusio Solid-State Lighting today announced the general availability of a new line of high efficacy fixtures: the Lusio Essentials Bay Series.

Economically designed for cost conscious commercial and industrial lighting applications, Lusio Essentials Bay Series fixtures deliver high efficacies (lumens per watt) and high lumens per dollar because of unique housings engineered to ensure LED performance while minimizing costs.

Engineered as an energy-saving alternative to traditional high bay lighting fixtures, Lusio Essentials Bay Series fixtures meet the needs of companies seeking ways to become more energy efficient by dramatically lowering the watts required per square foot to illuminate warehouses, retail floors, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, data centers, and a variety of other commercial and industrial spaces.

The Lusio Essentials Bay Series includes models that use up to 60% less energy than traditional metal halide and fluorescent fixtures while delivering similar or greater light output. In addition, Lusio Essentials Bay fixtures reduce loads on cooling systems by emitting negligible heat and require virtually no maintenance. These combined factors lead to a drastically lower total cost of ownership when compared to a standard fluorescent or HID lighting system.

Available in five different lightweight models that deliver from approximately 6,000 to 36,000 lumens and efficacies of 92 to 103 lumens per watt, Lusio Essentials Bay Series fixtures are fully controllable and dimmable with the flexibility to interface to most building control systems and third party control solutions. As with all Lusio fixtures, Essentials Bay Series fixtures are backed with a 7-year warranty.

“With the addition of the Lusio Essentials Bay Series, we provide a superior option for any commercial or industrial lighting application including those where budget is a driving factor,” said Tom Stafford, President and CEO of Lusio Solid-State Lighting. “Designed and developed with value in mind, this family of high output fixtures delivers significant energy savings and fast payback periods. In many applications, the total cost of ownership of a high efficacy Lusio Essentials Bay fixture is half that of a T5HO or T8 fluorescent and one-third of an HID high bay fixture.”

Today’s announcement follows a successful initial distribution channel release of the product line in November 2011, through Lusio Solid-State Lighting’s established sales agents and distributors, leading to multiple installations currently in progress.

About Lusio Solid-State Lighting

Lusio® Solid-State Lighting fixtures are engineered to meet the lighting requirements of virtually any commercial or industrial space while fully integrating with corporate goals of energy efficiency. Cool operating, low maintenance, and controllable, Lusio fixtures are comprised of two distinct families.

The Lusio Pro-Optics™ Series of feature-rich LED fixtures meets complex lighting requirements particularly where glare control is a critical factor. Available in five light distributions, the Pro-Optics series is listed for dry/damp and wet locations (IP65).

The Lusio Essentials™ Bay Series includes five models of high lumen output fixtures, economically designed for cost conscious applications. These fixtures deliver high lumens, high efficacy, and high lumens per dollar and provide fast paybacks when compared to T5HO and HID fixtures.

The diverse variety of fixtures makes Lusio an energy-saving option for most commercial and industrial applications. Additionally, Lusio stands behind all its fixtures with an industry leading 7-year warranty.

Lusio is a worldwide brand and registered trademark of LightWild. Learn more about Lusio Solid-State Lighting at

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