Redwood Systems expands product line to support all major lighting technologies

Date Announced: 06 Feb 2012

Fremont, CA – Redwood Systems, the leading provider of building-performance lighting solutions, today announced it has extended its product line to support all lighting fixture types. Previously available only for LEDs, the Redwood platform can now deliver energy and cost savings, as well as the benefits of fine-grained sensing, to any lighting environment. The new offering supports all of the industry's most commonly-used light fixtures, including fluorescents, HIDs and CFLs, in addition to LEDs.

While LED installations are expected to capture the majority of the commercial building market over the next few years, many building owners today are still deploying LEDs with other lighting sources. In these mixed environments, the ability to deliver intelligent lighting control has been limited. With this new solution, Redwood can now provide any customer with its best-in-class energy savings, as well as a range of building intelligence applications such as security alerts, temperature sensing and space utilization reporting. By leveraging the new Redwood product for legacy lighting sources, customers are also ensured an easy upgrade path to LEDs.

"The move to LED technology in the commercial space is inevitable, but in the short-term, we will see mixed-use facilities that have multiple lighting types," said Michael Siminovitch, Director of the California Lighting Technology Center. "To address this trend, Redwood's universal solution now brings cost-effective energy savings and smart building applications to any lighting environment."

Redwood's new product offering consists of two components, the Redwood Universal Gateway and the Redwood Sensor. The Redwood Universal Gateway turns fixtures on, off or dims them by sending a 0-10V output signal to dimmable ballasts or by controlling one or two external relays. The Redwood Sensor collects data on light levels, occupancy and temperature, and is extensible with up to 14 different sensor types. Once installed, the Redwood Sensor connects with the Universal Gateway to send the data it collects back to the core of the Redwood platform, the Redwood Engine, for reporting and control.

"Whether our customers are moving to LEDs or using other lighting technologies, they clearly want one control system to manage all of their lights," said Dave Leonard, CEO, Redwood Systems. "Considering our record growth last quarter and even stronger start to 2012, demand for LEDs remains high and will continue to be our focus. However, our customers made it clear that they want to bring our advanced energy savings and building intelligence to their facilities that haven't yet moved fully to LEDs. By designing a product that delivers the same capabilities of our existing solution, we are ensuring that anyone can reap the benefits of the Redwood technology."

About Redwood Systems
Redwood Systems' building-performance lighting solutions facilitate lower cost, higher-performing workplaces. Redwood has developed the world's only smart building platform that powers and controls lights and a high-density sensor grid providing both best-in-class energy savings and granular monitoring of space utilization, temperature and power consumption. This award-winning approach uses patented networking technology and a low-voltage DC architecture for high reliability and scalability as well as low cost installation. With a growing roster of market-leading customers and partners, Redwood is building a reputation for customer success. For more information, visit

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