Fast-curing LCP adhesive from Dymax provides instant bonds on speaker substrates

Date Announced: 13 Feb 2012

DYMAX Corporation’s Ultra Light-Weld® 9671 is a UV/Visible light-curable adhesive designed for bonding LCP (liquid crystal polymer) on microspeaker housings. Curing completely in as little as five seconds upon exposure to long wave UV and/or visible light, 9671 provides environmentally resistant, high-strength bonds. Its ability to cure quickly allows for increased production speed and throughput, lower processing costs, and reduced inventories.

Ultra Light-Weld® 9671 is highly thixotropic for minimal movement after application, and bright red in color for easy visual inspection. It has demonstrated success on a variety of substrates including PAR, PEN, LCP, and voice coils, with bonds generally exceeding the strength of the substrates bonded. This one-part, halogen-free product is in full compliance with RoHS Directives 2002/95/EC and 2003/11/EC.

For additional information, visit or contact DYMAX Application Engineering at or 860-482-1010. DYMAX Corporation develops innovative adhesive, coating, dispensing, and light-curing systems for applications in a wide range of markets. Major markets include aerospace, appliance, automotive, electronics, industrial, medical device, and metal finishing.



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