Modular design LED & photodetector goniometer from Gigahertz-Optik

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Gigahertz-Optik’s GB-GD-360-V01 goniometer bench further expands the BTS256-LED spectrolightmeter application range by enabling the measurement of the spatial luminous intensity distribution of LEDs and directional LED luminaires.

The two axis drive goniometer contains a two meter long rail-bench for adjustable measurement distances between test LED and measurement device. An assembly table with threaded hole-pattern is provided for universal mounting of test LEDs. The table and electrical contacts are designed and located as to prevent lead damage due to twisting. Low and high resolution drives are used for the z-axis DUT adjustment.

The S-BTS256-LED software supplied with the goniometer drive supports full remote control operation of the measurement instrument and goniometer bench. Additional features of the software are:
• Symmetrical or individual measurement sequences
• Numerical and graphical data documentation
• Data transfer into Excel format
• Data transfer into IES and EULUMDAT format
• Effective luminous flux calculation
• Polar coordinate diagram

The GBE-LTE light tight enclosure can be added for measurements outside the darkroom.

Due to its modular design concept the goniometric bench can be configured to measure light detector angular responsivity as well. Here the test detector is mounted onto the goniometric drive test sample table and is illuminated by a NIM-RS series reference light source. A Nikon type bayonet mount is used for tool-less exchange of the NIMS-RS source with a NIM-D light detector and NIM-AS alignment tool.

Different type LED reference sources are available including white, color or a monochromatic infrared LED, like at 840nm or 940nm. A built-in reference detector ensures stable long term operation.
Rack mounted electronics include 4-channel optometer for reference and test detector read-out, LED reference source power supply and test detector power supply with high resolution bias voltage setting feature.

The BTS256-LED Spectrolightmeter itself not only provides luminous intensity data over a wide dynamic range but also measures spectral distribution, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, color coordinates, color temperature and color rendering index.

Also when only spatial intensity distribution information is required, the GB goniometer bench can be used with a Gigahertz-Optik hand-held optometer and photodetector configured for illuminance, luminance, luminous intensity and/or radiometric equivalent detector.

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