Topanga Technologies launches energy-efficient Advanced Plasma Light

Date Announced: 09 May 2012

-- New APL400 and APL250 Series Solid State Driven Electrodeless Lamps are in Production and Commercially Available to Lighting Fixture Manufacturers Worldwide

CANOGA PARK, CA –– Topanga Technologies today launched a milestone achievement in solid-state lighting with the introduction of its super bright and energy efficient APL Series plasma light sources for street, area, architectural, and industrial lighting applications. The APL product line will be demonstrated at the largest annual commercial lighting trade show and conference, LIGHTFAIR® International in Las Vegas May 9-11.

Available immediately are Topanga’s two signature products: APL400 with 22,000 lumen output, 5,000°K color temperature and 130 lumens per watt source efficacy; and APL250 with 11,000 lumen output, 5,500°K color temperature and 115 lumens per watt source efficacy. At LIGHTFAIR Topanga will also preview a game-changing high lumen source for introduction in 2013 – the new APL1000 will be suitable for replacing 750 to 1000 watt HID sources with 40-50% energy savings.

“We worked closely with fixture designers throughout our development process to create a product that represents a significant advancement in solid state lighting, providing unparalleled optics with a high quality broad light spectrum, optimized performance and extended system lifetime,” said Rich Craig, President and CEO of Topanga Technologies. “By listening to what the industry needs, our APL series now comes to market with a number of significant benefits to our customers, giving them new, energy-efficient alternatives to traditional sources such as 400 and 250 watt HID lamps.”

Recognized by industry professionals as a revolutionary development both technically and aesthetically, Topanga’s APL system uses a proprietary configuration of an electrode-free quartz bulb placed external to a highly efficient solid-state power amplifier that uses radio frequency (RF) energy to illuminate the lamp. Incorporating customer input has ensured that this small point source light is changing the way fixtures are made, enabling tremendous design flexibility with a high lumen output and substantially more energy savings than induction, fluorescent, HID and LED light sources.

Topanga’s exhibition of Advanced Plasma Lighting in booth #6441 at LIGHTFAIR will demonstrate engineering solutions using APL400 in popular housings that are currently on the market, such as the best selling AR860 Architectural Light and AR828 Area Light by Grandlite International. Showcasing the slimmer form factor solutions now available with APL, Topanga will feature APL250 in a stylish HIGHBAY-mini by 0energyLIGHTING Inc.

With the help of LTI Optics, LIGHTFAIR attendees can view characterizations of APL in several reflector reference designs for high bay as well as Type III and V area lights. “We liked working with this source since it is small and doesn’t have any secondary bulb or structure that affects its emission or restricts how close the optics can get to the source,” said Mark Jongewaard, President of LTI Optics. “So this generally results in a smaller optic, which saves on material costs. Furthermore, if a light head in an outdoor luminaire can be smaller, then the pole can be made smaller for even greater savings.”

Topanga has partnered with NXP Semiconductors to demonstrate how APL enables wireless intelligent control, networking and 100%-20% dimming utilizing NXP’s industry-proven JenNet-IP, an IP-based solution targeting ultra-low-power wireless networking for industrial applications. JenNet provides a self-healing, highly robust and scalable network backbone for an elegant and flexible approach to device management and control.

A detailed overview of plasma lighting technology will be presented by Topanga’s Vice President of Engineering, Gregg Hollingsworth at a LIGHTFAIR Conference seminar on Friday May 11 from 10:30am-12:00pm: “Taking Plasma Lighting from Technology to Application” will explore the chemistry behind Advanced Plasma Lighting, a summary of plasma lighting in the field, and a thorough review of subjects that designers need to know about working with plasma in applications.

For industrial and commercial lighting, Topanga Technologies is the leading innovator of solid-state drivers and electrode-free plasma lamps, providing energy efficient, economical and reliable lighting solutions that surpass both traditional and new technology platforms. Founded in 2005, Topanga Technologies has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Canoga Park and San Jose, CA. For more information, visit

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